Nature restores us.

Flower Essences awaken

our positive qualities.

Safe for children,

pets, and plants.

Meet the oldest flower essences globally outside the UK

(where flower essences first began).

Nature restores us.
Flower essences awaken
our positive qualities.
Safe for children,
pets, and plants.

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Our children are being challenged as never before in our chaotic world.

Learn how to help our “little blossoms” develop their highest potentials, through the developmental/elemental stages of childhood,
using flower essences to guide them along their way.

What Can Flower Essences Do for You


These 20 essences are prepared from the blossoms of fruit trees and vegetable plants. They are based on the psychospiritual qualities of the corresponding foods.


Using traditional sunshine and  boiling methods of preparation, our bottles contain, for example, the inner peace of pear blossoms, the compassion of raspberry flowers, and the pure love of the simple grape buds.


Anything with life force can benefit from flower essences. Safe, herbal, affordable, and quickacting, they can assist children, adults, pets, animals, and plants. Try them and test them out!

Find the Flower Essences Right for You, Right Now

Lettuce for calmness

Raspberry for compassion

Pineapple for self-assuredness

Orange for enthusiasm

Pear for peace

Strawberry for dignity

Grape for love

Tomato for courage

Try These Flower Essences

Almond: Self-control, Moral Vigor
Grape: Love, Devotion
Apple: Peaceful Clarity
Lettuce: Calmness
Avocado: Good Memory
Orange: Enthusiasm
Banana: Humility Rooted in Calmness
Peach: Unselfishness
Blackberry: Purity of Thought
Pear: Peacefulness, Emergency Support
Cherry: Cheerfulness
Pineapple: Self-assuredness
Coconut: Uplifted Spiritual Awareness
Raspberry: Kindness, Compassion
Corn: Mental Vitality
Spinach: Simplicity, Guilelessness
Date: Tender Sweetness
Strawberry: Dignity
Fig: Flexibility, Self-acceptance
Tomato: Strength, Endurance

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I have been working with flower essences for 15 years. I find Spirit-in-Nature Essences absolutely powerful. This line makes the best sense; it is the top of the line, and I only recommend the best.

Dr. Thomas Stone
Dentist, San Francisco, Ca

My friend swears by your essences. They have helped her with a difficult time with her partner. She’s convinced that the reason they have moved through these changes was because of the essences.

Connie Lewis
Physical Therapist, New Jersey


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