Banana Essence 1/2 oz. (15 ml.)


For humility rooted in calmness, can help you to project your energy outward toward others; for people whose emotions tend to get the best of them, and for the calmness that ensues from “seeing the bigger picture.” It helps children benefit from including others in their reality; and for pets who are easily agitated or tend to bully other pets in the home.

Positive Expressions of Banana

Humble Clear-thinking
Gentle Non-reactive
Modest Peace-loving
Calm Dignified
Strong Greatness of character
A good listener Surrendering
Verbally abstemious Quiet

Negative Conditions Aided by Banana Essence

Shy Reactive
Obstinate Uptight
Lacking in clarity Clouded in judgment
Nervous Falsely proud
Quarrelsome Defensive
Drawing conflict Easily upset
Overly attached Arrogant
“Going bananas” Opinionated
Needing to be right


About Our Bottles:

  • Prepared from the purest blossoms in their peak of bloom
  • In cobalt blue glass bottles with glass pipettes
  • Full-color designer labels
  • For maximum freshness and longevity, store the bottles upright, tightly sealed, and protected from heat, humidity, and sunlight
Weight 1 oz


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