Fig Essence 1/2 oz. (15 ml.)


For flexibility and self-acceptance, helps people to develop more relaxed attitudes toward themselves and others, no matter how heavy their responsibilities, and to overcome rigidity, develop a sense of humor, and “go with the flow.” Fig is for children who try too hard, also for nail-biting and thumb-sucking; for pets in training and to help them overcome bad habits.

Positive Expressions of Fig

Pliant Relaxed
Adjustable to change Non-reactive
Adaptable Self-accepting
Disciplined in moderation Having a sense of humor
Flexible Tolerant
Open-minded Intuitive
Fluid Self-liberating
Articulate Able to set healthy boundaries
Wise Self-guiding

Negative Conditions Aided by Fig Essence

Unadaptable Fanatical
Mentally rigid Dogmatic
Perfectionistic Self-limiting
Holding unrealistic ideals Self-critical
Self-denying Condemning
Obsessive Judgmental
Compulsive Critical
Harsh disciplinarian Overly-disciplined
Overly serious Inhibited
Tense Inhibitive


About Our Bottles:

  • Prepared from the purest blossoms in their peak of bloom
  • In cobalt blue glass bottles with glass pipettes
  • Full-color designer labels
  • For maximum freshness and longevity, store the bottles upright, tightly sealed, and protected from heat, humidity, and sunlight


Weight 1 oz


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