Tomato Essence 1/2 oz. (15 ml.)


For strength and endurance, will help you stand up for your beliefs. It is for fear of any nature, severity and duration, and also for working on addictions; for children who have nightmares, or are anxious, nervous or unwilling; for pets with uncontrollable fear, especially of loud noises such as thunder or fireworks, and animals who have been previously mistreated, including those whose history is unknown.

Positive Expressions of Tomato

Strong Centered
Courageous Believing in oneself
Success-oriented Open
Steadfast Readiness-oriented
Empowered Celebratory
Dauntless Self-honest
Psychically protected Renewed while traveling
Hopeful Stable

Negative Conditions Aided by Tomato Essence

Cowardly Hesitating
Weak Defeatist attitude
Nightmare-prone Fearful of failure
Frail Fearful of known causes
Anxious Fearful of unknown causes
Quitter’s attitude Unstable
Shy Lacking conviction


About Our Bottles:

  • Prepared from the purest blossoms in their peak of bloom
  • In cobalt blue glass bottles with glass pipettes
  • Full-color designer labels
  • For maximum freshness and longevity, store the bottles upright, tightly sealed, and protected from heat, humidity, and sunlight
Weight 1 oz


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