Pear Essence 1/2 oz. (15 ml.)


For peacefulness, Pear is for emergency, trauma or crisis in any form—physical or emotional—and also for support throughout the day. Pear helps children with restless or nervous energy, or who are learning to listen better to their parents and teachers. Good for pets any time their regular routine is disturbed, including vet visits, car travel, or nearing their time of passing—a “first-aid must.” Keep a bottle in your purse and at home.

Positive Expressions of Pear

Peaceful Solid
Composed Fluid
Living in the present Harmonious
Earthy Loving
Balanced Cautious
Conflict-resolving Reconciliatory
Strong Centered
Open Compromising
Willing Steady
A peacemaker

Negative Conditions Aided by Pear Essence

Traumatized Shock-prone
Nervous Experiencing extreme grief
Unresolved in conflict Vulnerable
Unbalanced in emergencies Feeling “out of sorts”
Tense Brash
Resistant Hasty
Friction-prone Quarrelsome
Unresolved in relationships Uncentered
Experiencing auric disturbances


About Our Bottles:

  • Prepared from the purest blossoms in their peak of bloom
  • In cobalt blue glass bottles with glass pipettes
  • Full-color designer labels
  • For maximum freshness and longevity, store the bottles upright, tightly sealed, and protected from heat, humidity, and sunlight
Weight 1 oz


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