The Essential Flower Essence Handbook



The Essential Flower Essence Handbook: for Perfect Well-Being
Featuring Spirit-in-Nature (formerly Master’s Flower) Essences
by Lila Devi, revised/5th edition, trade paperback, 369 pages

About the book:

Flower essences work by stimulating our positive qualities. Learn about the oldest essence line outside the U.K., established in 1977 and based on decades of research and case histories. In The Essential Flower Essence Handbook, these twenty flower essences to life. They are an intriguing healing art. The book’s journey into the heart of the nature kingdom reveals its secrets through clear insights and flowery wisdom.

What’s included:

  • An in-depth compilation of the Spirit-in-Nature Essences
  • Charts, illustrations, and practical text
  • An easy-to-use cross-reference index
  • The positive character strengths of each signature essence
  • Essence enhancers, visualizations, and affirmations

What people are saying:

“Thank you for The Handbook. You’re able to translate this whole realm of energy and put words to it. As a practitioner, I’m always trying to help people understand these concepts; this book really captures them!” – Fran Fayden, Center for Intuitive Healing, Concord, CA

“Your book has been my bible for many years.” Betsy Wan, therapistVA

“I was reading The Essential Flower Essence Handbook, and after these many years, it is still offering me wonderful inspiration.” Vicki Marie A., Nature Photographer, Yuba City, CA

”I continue with fervor to read your book which is a gift for everyone! I admire your deep research on nature (plants and flowers) and on every aspect of human personalities. In addition to this, the visualization at the end of every flower’s chapter is a source of enjoyment to the reader.” Barbara Athanassiadis, author, Greece

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