Questionnaire: Flower Essence Choices Made Easy

Ready to learn more about yourself?

  • This questionnaire is designed to help you assess the essences that will be the most helpful to you.
  • Pinpoint the positive quality/qualities you’d like to strengthen.
  • Learn which flower essences will best serve you toward reaching that goal quickly with new insights, attitudes, thoughts, and actions, leaving behind old patterns that no longer serve you.

Answer the following questions quickly; your first hunch will usually be the most accurate. Check the statements that apply to you. See the Answer Key at the bottom of the page.

While an evaluation of this type is somewhat general by nature, people report they find it an extremely useful tool.

  • Don’t be surprised if several flower essences are indicated equally as strongly. This is common!
  • If so, take them singly and serially, in order of need, meaning the one that “jumps out at you” or speaks the loudest.
  • This is your intuition at work. Take each flower essence from three days to two weeks, one week being common. Or try a combination.

One important point: please prioritize and limit your checkmarks to those issues/positive qualities that you are currently working to improve. Otherwise, you might end up checkmarking every question in every grouping – which will obviously invalidate the questionnaire!

You might want to date and save your responses re-test yourself monthly.

1. ____ Would you like greater calmness and strength to overcome the difficulties in your life?

2. ____ Are you working on improving your ability to communicate clearly and to “speak your truth?”

3. ____ Do you want to enhance your creativity?

4. ____ Do you feel in need of a clearer, more spiritual focus in your life?

5. ____ Would you like to be able to endure or rise above every test?

6. ____ Would you like to live in a higher state of consciousness?

7. ____ Are you working on a more light-hearted, less heavy attitude toward life?

8. ____ Would you like to be more solution-oriented?

9. ____ Are you able to be even-minded or even-tempered?

10. ____ Do you want to be more trusting of other people?

11. ____ Does a more simple, stress-free way of life appeal to you?

12. ____ Are you playful by nature and able to enjoy a good game or joke?

13. ____ Does your own sense of fulfillment include the needs of others?

14. ____ Is your attitude toward other people nurturing?

15. ____ Do you find that “the more you give, the more you get” in relationships?

16. ____ Would you like to always feel “awake and ready?”

17. ____ Are you energetic in your thoughts, words, or body language?

18. ____ Are you currently in a time of transition, i.e., a new job, home, school, or relationship?

19. ____ When others oppose you in values you know to be right, is it difficult for you to stand up for your beliefs?

20. ____ Are you trying to overcome old habit patterns or addictions?

21. ____ Do you see yourself as a strong and courageous person?

22. ____ Are you working on cultivating greater self-esteem?

23. ____ Does the criticism of others make you anxious or uncertain?

24. ____ Do you have the financial abundance that you desire?

25. ____ Are self-honesty and self-forgetfulness qualities you’re striving to perfect?

26. ____ Do you have neither a superiority nor an inferiority complex?

27. ____ Are you able to project your energy outward, away from yourself, instead of drawing people’s energy inward toward yourself?

28. ____ Would you like to develop a more flexible attitude toward life?

29. ____ Are you able to relax, no matter how heavy your responsibilities are?

30. ____ Would you say you have a good sense of humor?

31. ____ Do you want the power to rebound vigorously from every setback in life?

32. ____ Would you like to live more centered in yourself?

33. ____ Are you practicing moderation in your work, recreation, and life habits?

34. ____ Are you often able to feel peace of mind?

35. ____ Are you stable and upflappable in times of crisis or emergency?

36. ____ Do you consider yourself able to accept whatever your life brings to you?

37. ____ Can you concentrate wholly on anything you do?

38. ____ Do you have a strong sense of direction and life purpose?

39. ____ Does learning inspire you and absorb your energy completely?

40. ____ Would you like to feel more harmonious in life’s swirl of outer activity?

41. ____ Would you like to be “calmly active and actively calm?”

42. ____ Is mental clarity a quality you want to strengthen in yourself?

43. ____ Are you desirous of penetrating the fog of difficulties in your life with greater mental energy?

44. ____ Do you want to become solution-conscious rather than problem-conscious?

45. ____ Do feelings of helplessness tempt you, sometimes, toward melancholia?

46. ____ Would you like to free yourself from every thought that is foreign to your higher nature?

47. ____ Do you feel refreshed and vitalized, or are these qualities you would like to feel?

48. ____ Are your eyes open, so to speak, to your highest potential?

49. ____ Do you view even strangers with tender kindness?

50. ____ Are you aware of a higher power, in whatever form you hold dear, that loves all creatures equally?

51. ____ Are you accepting and without judgment of others?

52. ____ Are you someone who easily and naturally draws respect from others?

53. ____ Do other people give strong consideration to your ideas and views?

54. ____ Are you able to live quietly centered within yourself, without being pompous?

55. ____ Do you consider yourself as someone who is kind to others?

56. ____ Is it easy for you to forgive others when you feel they’ve slighted you?

57. ____ Are you the kind of person who says to others, “I know how you feel,” and you actually do?

58. ____ Would you say that the deeper feelings of your heart are awakened?

59. ____ Do you love others spontaneously, no matter what their feelings are for you?

60. ____ Are you able to love on a broader, humanitarian level that also encompasses ennobling qualities?

Answer Key

Congratulation on completing the Questionnaire!

  • Count the number of checked statements for each of the following groupings to see which flower essences are important for you at this time.
  • If 2 or more are marked, this indicates a beneficial essence for you at this time.
  • Consider taking them singly/sequentially, in order of which one you are most drawn to first.

___ 1-3 Lettuce
___ 4-6 Coconut
___ 7-9 Cherry
___ 10-12 Spinach
___ 13-15 Peach
___ 16-18 Corn
___ 19-21 Tomato

___ 22-24 Pineapple
___ 25-27 Banana
___ 28-30 Fig
___ 31-33 Almond
___ 34-36 Pear
___ 37-39 Avocado
___ 40-42 Apple

___ 43-45 Orange
___ 46-48 Blackberry
___ 49-51 Date
___ 52-54 Strawberry
___ 55-57 Raspberry
___ 58-60 Grape

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