About the Flower Essences

The development of Spirit-in-Nature Essence began in 1977, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains by founder Lila Devi. These 20 essences have since gained worldwide recognition as the oldest flower essence line within the U.S. and globally outside the U.K. 

Fresh fruits and vegetables are filled with life force. So too are their corresponding blossoms, the reproductive system of the plant. The cherry fruit, for example, contains the “vibrational vitamin” of cheerfulness, while the cherry flower contains the highest concentration of this subtle energy.

Spirit-in-Nature Flower Essences

  • Stimulate our positive qualities.
  • Strengthen and balance the life force – the true source of wellness.
  • Have been researched for nearly 5 decades.
  • Are scientifically verified in a pioneering biofeedback study by the late Dr. Jeffrey Cram.
  • Are supported by countless direct testimonials from flower essence users about their clients, families, friends, pets, and plants.
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Flower Essences: How to Use Them and Why

About the Founder

Lila graduated with honors from the University of Michigan. Her programs, nationally and abroad for groups from 4 to 400, bring to life this flower essence lineage that helps people find their innate goodness, beauty, and strength.

Also a playwright, director, actor, songwriter, vocalist and guitarist, she directs a children’s choir and dares you to not get up and dance when her Irish fiddle band plays a jig or reel.

Considered one of the foremost flower essence developers in the world today, Lila lives near Nevada City, CA.

From Her Students

  • “Lila embodies the essences and she lives what she speaks.”
  • “Lila is a teacher full of love and devotion for flower essences and also for her students. She is an inspiration and is very good in guiding us.”
  • “Lila is very inspirational, and she makes us all want to become better people.”
  • “It is a blessing to be in her energy and to see how she stabilizes the space in which she works and how she harmonizes the energy of the people and the environment around her.”
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“My Story” by Lila Devi

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