Free Consultation for Pets

Are you ready to start your pet on a flower essence program and not sure what to choose? Our pets are consistent, predictable, and easy to understand, through:

  • Their body language
  • Their needs and quirks
  • And their likes and dislikes

Try this simple program to match their simple needs! We recommend it for ferals, rescues, foster pets, breeder pets, and just plain happy pets whom you’d like to see be even happier, with:

  • A three-week program of three flower essences, one per week.
  • That’s recommended for multiple-pet households as well.
  • Directions are simple: several drops in the morning water bowl, changed daily.
  • And several drops on the coat (not too close to touch the dropper and not too far to cause any alarm).

Short and sweet, we have “The Big Three.” These are three flower essences, in this order, that are especially helpful for pets of all species and breeds:

Pear Essence

For peacefulness and also emergency support: This flower essence carries the message that everything is, and will be, okay. Once peace is restored, “life as usual” can resume. Our pets being creatures of habit and innately attuned to the rhythms of nature, this essence helps to restore equilibrium, comfort, and balance.

Tomato Essence

For mental strength and overcoming fear: a break from routine, travel, new people or other pets or environments can all cause trepidation for our pets. Tomato Essence is about moving forward with courage and dynamic strength.

Grape Essence

For pure love: the answer to loneliness, abandonment, territorial behaviors, relocation and loss of loved ones, human or animal.

Try these flower essences, and watch your pets respond!

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