Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This page offers responses to some of the more
commonly asked SiNE questions.

Flower essences are herbal tinctures that stimulate our positive qualities. These twenty essences are prepared from organic fruit trees and vegetable plants. Foods heal us nutritionally as well as psycho-spiritually. The essences—more concentrated in these qualities than the food sources—help us to develop states of calmness, kindheartedness, and joy, to name a few.

Absolutely. See if you qualify for our 20%-off Practitioner Discount Program (PDP). And check out our 10% off on The Complete (and Designer) Assortment and the Chakra Blend Set.

Not to worry: topical application is equally as potent as sublingual. The essences may be rubbed into the wrists or on any part of the body, much like perfume. Or add them to water in a misting bottle to spray a room, vehicle, bedding, or clothing. Add them to oils, lotions, or bath water. Also add your dosage to a hot beverage to steam away the brandy and leave the essence intact.

Not at all. They’re prepared and used differently. Flower essences are not scented, nor do they possess any specific taste other than the brandy preservative. Aromatherapy’s scent biochemically impacts the emotional centers of the brain. Homeopathy uses “the law of similars” through giving a minute amount of the poison to heal the poison.

When combining essences, usually from one to three weeks. When taking them singly, often within three days.

You’ll feel drawn to a certain essence or essences. Trust that feeling. When you start forgetting to take it/them—unless from negligence—you’re done. Please refer to The Essential Flower Essence Handbook.

Both are excellent methods with certification. Different yet complementary, they’ve proven highly beneficial. Which suits your schedule—traveling to an interactive seminar, or the convenience of home study? Taught by founder Lila Devi, both options can be dynamic and reflective.

Many people do. Because the dynamics of the Home Study Course and the seminars are so different, they complement each other.

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