Date Essence 1/2 oz. (15 ml.)


For tender sweetness, can help you to see others as friends and also neutralize a sour disposition. It promotes tolerance in people who are judgmental of others. Date Essence brings out the tender side in children who tend to be whiney or clingy; for pets who are domineering, to be more accepting of other animals in the household.

Positive Expressions of Date

Sweet Magnetic
Tender Discerning
Accepting Drawing abundance
Sensitive Compassionate
Discriminating Wise
Receptive Solid
Open-minded Strong
Contented Self-nurturing
Welcoming Responsible

Negative Conditions Aided by Date Essence

Judgmental Unaccepting
Lonely Unpleasant companion
Irritable Inhospitable
Irascible Sour
Craving sweets Discontented
Critical Narrow
Intolerant Annoyed


About Our Bottles:

  • Prepared from the purest blossoms in their peak of bloom
  • In cobalt blue glass bottles with glass pipettes
  • Full-color designer labels
  • For maximum freshness and longevity, store the bottles upright, tightly sealed, and protected from heat, humidity, and sunlight
Weight 1 oz


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