Strawberry Essence: Building Dignity with Self-Respect (Part 1)

Don’t throw away good life force with a lack of self-respect. There’s something special about a flower that not only fills us with beauty upon viewing it but that also nourishes us as food.

About the Fruit and Flower:

There’s something special about a flower that not only fills us with beauty upon viewing it but that also nourishes us as food. Unlike most flowering plants, the strawberry plant grows horizontally by sending stolons, or runners, out along the soil, symbolically running with dignity in every step. A single plant can produce from thirty to fifty stolons, modeling the quiet outreach of this flower essence to touch and impact others. Both the flower and the fruit grow on the ground, exhibiting the essence’s sense of grounding.

Is there a more lush fruit than the ripe strawberry? Biting into its tart sweetness is a taste treat fit for kings and queens. Its psycho-spiritual quality of dignity is apparent in every part of the plant. Its blossoms grow from the crown that produces these runners and also the fruit stalks that yield the flowers and, lastly, the rich fruits that we know and love. Indeed, here is a plant that reflect back to us our own dignity. Its flower essence expresses a regal and poised bearing.

This flower essence excels in the quality of self-respect. When we emulate its message, we likewise draw respect from others. The strawberry fruit—a member of the rose family—contains more Vitamin C than oranges. While the Vitamin C in strawberries will boost our immunity and keep us healthy, Strawberry Flower Essence boosts our sense of self-worth, deservedness, and quiet self-knowing.

Self-respect: Own it, Honor it, Live it

What’s the relationship between dignity and self-respect?

Consider the phrase, “It was beneath his dignity.” Dignity is perceived when we honor, or respect ourselves. Self-respect is about how we treat ourselves as well as others. Without it, others can only follow our lead and treat us accordingly.

Here are some supportive Essence Enhancers to keep in mind when you take Strawberry Essence, to ground yourself in its richly rewarding sense of self-respect:

1 Good self-care, meaning not over-eating, under-sleeping, over-working., etc. Honor yourself by taking care of your body temple, rather than letting it fall into ruins.

2 Not allowing people or things to get to you: Here’s a foolproof formula for avoiding stress. Troubling issues are trouble makers to our inner peace; don’t give them permission to accompany you to the dinner table or to bed.

3 Following commonsense rules of mental and emotional health: if something upsets you, take the time to work it through, either on your own or with a friend or counselor. Don’t hold on to negativity in any form.

4 Avoiding frittering away your time: Sure, phone games and crosswords puzzles can be a great mental relaxer, but are best played in moderation to save valuable time for other projects.

5 Be aware of having enough social time: One gift of the pandemic for every human being is to know when you need to reach out to others. Don’t wait until your feeling isolated and disconnected. Interaction with others is a basic, happiness-affirming human need.

6 Loneliness—a form of lack of self-care to avoid like the plague: If you ever get thirsty, you’re probably already dehydrated. If you’re ever lonely, you probably already in a state of emotional bankruptcy. Don’t wait until your energy drops to reach out to people when you need to connect. Even a phone call or Facetime can do the trick.

7 How’s your spiritual life these days? Consider “feeding your soul”: yoga, meditation, affirmations, tai chi, soothing/uplifting music, or reflective time in nature no matter the time of year. You brush your teeth every day for good oral hygiene; so why not care for your spiritual self on a daily basis?

In essence, self-respect is a way of honoring or prioritizing ourselves in health-promoting ways. In esteeming ourselves, minus the element of egoic self-agrandizement, we take giant steps with our innate need to embrace wholeness and well-being.

Look for Part 2 of this post next month.

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