12 Things You Didn’t Know About Flower Essences

Flower essences – herbal infusions that stimulate our positive qualities – are making their way more and more into mainstream alternative therapies. As the oldest flower essences in the US, Spirit-in-Nature Essences also offer the fascinating concept that the foods we eat have psycho-spiritual qualities and thus can influence us with their positive effects. Eating raspberries, for example – much like taking Raspberry Flower Essence though in a much lower concentration – helps to awaken the natural compassion of the heart, and blackberries recall to mind the purity of our thoughts.

Here are 12 intriguing points about flower essences worth considering:

1. Did you know you can use flower essences in many creative ways?

Add flower essences to your ironing, in a spray bottle whenever you have a stack of wrinkled clothes to steam! Spray your pillow, the inside of your car, or your yoga mat. Or take them sublingually.

2. Flower essences don’t need to “build up in your system” to take effect.

That’s partly why they can work so quickly.

3. Did you know that there’s one particular flower essence with your name on it?

This is your signature (formerly theme) essence. It’s the one that mirrors back to you your strength, beauty and wholeness. Enjoy it – and own it!

4. Plants helping plants:


Try Pear Essence (for peacefulness and emergency support) for transplanting that ficus tree!

5. Animals often respond even more quickly than people to these “bottled nature” treats.

With simpler thought processes, a rich emotional nature and heightened senses, the essences are their native language! (I used to teach in a living room at a Los Angeles residence where the cat would hiss at anyone who tried to dislodge her from the box of flower essences I brought with me for the class. Then she’d sit completely still, her head tilted back, and open her mouth to receive her drops.)

6. Taken individually, flower essences often work more quickly than in combinations, and with more noticeable results.

Think of a 1-to-1 conversation versus a group discussion.

7. Flower essences and essential oils are not the same.

Flower essences are without taste or scent and work energetically; essential oils are a plant-based compound that address physical issues and affect the body biochemically.

8. Don’t buy into the myth that you can have a blocked chakra!

Not possible. But a weaker flow that needs reinforcement, yes. Would you like to tone up and energize your metaphysical spine, the home of your 7 chakras, or wheels of energy? In combos of 3 flower essences each, the Chakra Blends address the balance and flow of your complete chakra system.

9. It’s easy to choose the right flower essence/s!

When in doubt, “Take care, take Pear.” This essence in particular helps to pave the way –to clarify which essence/s to take next. Another easy way to pick what’s needed: just ask yourself, “What positive quality am I trying to develop – calmness, self-acceptance, pure love, etc. (Lettuce, Fig, and Grape Essences, respectively)?” There’s your answer.

10. Consider the flower/food connection.

Would you choose a strawberry soda (dignity) over an orange Julius (enthusiasm)? Let your food choices guide you toward your next flower essence/s.

11. Have you tried saying the corresponding affirmation when you take your essence?

affirmation deck spirit in nature

The human mind, with all its complexities, loves to mentally engage in order to strengthen the benefits of flower essences!

12. Whatever flower essences you choose, know that you already have those qualities!

It’s not a question of adding something that’s missing. It’s about awakening those fine qualities that already exist within you. Congratulations!


5 thoughts on “12 Things You Didn’t Know About Flower Essences”

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Excuse the lateness of this response, it’s no less sincere for the delay. Thank you for your comments. You know, our webmaster suggested this topic and the answers and accompanying photos really flowed. Sometimes less is more. Clear questions, to-the-point responses. Flower essences are so straightforward in their nature, and results from using them are often strikingly positive. I hope you have the opportunity to delve into the essences. The message each one brings is so vast and complete. Glad this was a good read-through for you.

  1. Lila,
    What a fun story about the possessive cat!
    I spray flower essences while I clean. My house somehow ends up cleaner. 😉
    Good information about chakras, #8.
    Thanks for all you do to educate about our flower friends.
    Marybeth Buchele
    Ames, IA

    1. Hi Marybeth,
      Thank you for your fantastic feedback. It’s wonderful to hear that you found this post useful. There’s much to share about each flower essence and about so many different topics related to them. Please let me know if there are others you’d like information for. It’s interesting to hear that you spray the essences while cleaning. Blackberry, perhaps? It’s a “vibrational purifier,” you might say. It’s all about purity on all levels.
      In perfect well-being,

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