Take Care, Take Pear

Pear Essence for peace is our remedy when you need rescuing. Conflict, tension, and resistance all beg to be quelled by its quality of inner peace.
“We all could use a good spray of Pear these days, as far as I’m concerned.” So spoke a fan of this flower essence. Pear is a natural choice for emergencies. Being the first flower essence I worked with, it holds a special place in my heart. Every room in my home, as well as my purse, is graced with a bottle.

One woman wrote to us, “My basement flooded because of a valve I’d opened and couldn’t get to shut off. I noticed that, even though circumstances were traumatic, I found myself laughing in the midst of it all. On Pear, I had this sense that everything was going to be okay. Nothing seemed to be such a big deal that it couldn’t be handled.”

Why not try standing in a pear orchard sometime? It’s a delightful experience! Inner peace abounds in the trees’ white five-petaled blossoms. Their pacifying message touches on a basic human predicament: resistance. The hard wood of the pear also tree expresses its tolerant nature. Pear wood won’t break or splinter. It can be carved into many varied designs. The wood’s resilience, seen in its absence of brittle resistance, suggests the stillness of inner peace.

War and peace are opposites. Don’t we each resist our tests on a regular basis? This creates a warlike attitude of subtle crosscurrents where tensions abound. Especially in these pandemic times, the entire world could benefit from this flower essence! In these uncertain times, it seems we are cycling through a mixture of hardship and horrors.

Accept, adjust, and adapt: these verbs describe the Pear Flower Essence that harbors a portable bomb shelter of tranquility. Pear helps transport us, to quote one of my favorite songs, “above the storms, above the pain, a land where peace and laughter reign.”
Hence our motto: “Take care, take Pear.”

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