Bianca Blackberry and The Crystal Albatross




For kids 3 to 7 years – or any age!

“Bianca Blackberry tidied her room, she sang with the mop and she danced with the broom.”

This special little girl in a special circular story symbolizes the flower essence quality of purity of thought. Little does she know the adventure that awaits her on the ice skating rink!

In the blink of an eye, Albert Albatross – a near-extinct bird with frozen wings – becomes her best friend. But can she help him return home before the birth of his first hatchling? This picture book for kids will tell all!

In rhymed verses, Bianca Blackberry and the Crystal Albatross exemplifies many of the fine qualities of the Blackberry Flower Essence, including:

  • True and loyal friendship (with Albert Albatross); helpful for our pandemic-survivor kids who may need to get in touch once more with the value and richness of having peers.
  • An understanding of the importance of pure thoughts, symbolized by a clean room; hence, the mop and broom on several pages. Bianca models the importance of cleanliness on all levels.
  • Awareness of, and respect for, the environment and all living things, with Albert Albatross being a nearly extinct breed; and a way to express kindness to all animals in support of the child’s emotional growth.
  • To have the friendship of Bianca Blackberry is refreshing for adults and inspirational for children. Her modeling unconditional friendship, based on giving rather than taking—is wholeness-affirming on all levels.

Like an affirmation at bedtime, or anytime, Bianca Blackberry is the third in a series of twenty children’s picture books, where flower essences come to life!

About the Spirit-in-Nature Essences Storybook Collection:

This series of twenty books, in which Bianca Blackberry is the third published, offers children heroic role models who live well and wisely. Flower Essences awaken our positive qualities. Bianca, an example of the essence for mental purity, emulates pure thoughts, loyal friendship, and a deep respect for animals, the environment, and all living things. You might say she acts as a soothing affirmation-balm at bedtime, or any time.

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