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Are you living in perfect well-being? Spirit-in-Nature Essences, the oldest flower essence line globally outside the UK, help to stimulate our positive qualities. Who doesn’t know apples, oranges, and pears?

But did you know they contain, respectively, clarity, enthusiasm, and peace, even more concentrated in flower essences? Prepared by traditional methods, these 20 herbal infusions are derived from the blossoms of fresh fruits, nuts, and vegetables, based on the psycho-spiritual qualities of foods according to Paramhansa Yogananda.

We invited you to celebrate with us nearly 4 decades of worldwide distribution, with growing success, repeat customers, and a fine international reputation for quality educational materials, training, products, and customer service.

With decades of research, we offer to you dedicated care for people of all ages, pets and animals, and even plants. Our wish for you is: perfect well-being.

To our Spirit-in-Nature Friends: We are happy to offer you single essences instead of combinations, based on 39 years of supportive research that demonstrates their purity and strength, far beyond their written definitions. Combine, or use them singly.

Our motto – “Fewer to choose, less to confuse!” – is our way of making your essence selection simpler. This classic line of flower essences is our gift, from Nature – to you.


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Try Pear, our rescue essence. The perfect solution if you are new to flower essences!


Yogananda, The Movie


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