Comprehensive Home Study Course (Level I)



This tri-level course includes: Level I, Introductory; Level II, Intermediate; and Level III, Practitioner. “Flower essences made simple” is the focus of Level I. Learn about their subtle properties through these essay questions.

You will receive:

  • A thorough working knowledge of the 20 Spirit-in-Nature Essences and prepare you for Level II.
  • Two steps, each containing essay exams. Your creativity is encouraged; your own words are required. (The second step will be sent on completion of the first.)
  • An Audio Companion CD with a detailed explanation of The Essence Spectrum Chart.
  • Reviews with comments by Lila Devi.

Other Info:

  • The Essential Flower Essence Handbook is purchased separately.
  • All shipping and handling charges (including CA state sales tax where applicable) are included in enrollment.
  • You’re allowed one year per level, though you can complete a level in two months.
  • Extensions granted at a $125 re-enrollment fee. This is a non-refundable course.
  • This tri-level course is cumulative. Students proceed to the next level after receiving a passing grade for the previous level.

From Students:

“Hello Lila, I received your letter and your comments. Thank you so much. I can feel the care you take in reading each word. I am grateful to have you as a teacher. I feel like I have finally found a home in these essences. So, it kind of feels like I’ve had them my whole life, too.” – Claire Morgan, Richmond CA

“I feel by taking this course, I really know Spirit-in-Nature Essences now. I feel that I could never have learned as much as I did. When people come to me, I immediately know what to give them. The course brings you to the apex of understanding quite in depth what Spirit-in-Nature Essences do. This course helped me to realize that I had to think on a deeper level because of the questions. I don‘t think I could have become a truly efficient Spirit-in-Nature practitioner without this course. It really showed me the depth of these essences. The course was invaluable.” – Nancy Dillon, Penn Valley, CA


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