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Comprehensive Home Study Course (all 3 levels)

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The Home Study with certification includes: Level I, Introductory; Level II, Intermediate; and Level III, Practitioner.

This internationally acclaimed course is a study of the art of flower essences, featuring Spirit-in-Nature Essences. It’s an invaluable training for laypeople and practitioners to learn to use them easily and accurately.

Become a great—not just a good—practitioner!

What is included:

  • A welcome letter from Founder Lila Devi.
  • An assortment of materials from our information packet, including flyers.
  • A CD lecture by Lila Devi.
  • Magazine articles by founder Lila Devi.
  • An 8×10″ full-color cardstock reproduction of the Essence Spectrum Chart.
  • A complementary copy of our CD-ROM, “A Tour of Spirit-in-Nature Essences.”
  • A leaflet paralleling another major essence line, Bach Flower Remedies, with Spirit-in-Nature Essences.
  • The full set of Level I essay questions.
  • An evaluation of this course with Step 2, to help us upgrade and serve you better.
  • A full-color Certificate of Completion, mailed to you on completion of Steps 1 and 2 with passing grades.

Your creativity is highly encouraged. Please respond to all questions in your own words rather than copying or paraphrasing from The Essential Flower Essence Handbook. Use the same submission format for both steps in Level I. When you submit your answers, please include the exam questions along with them. Your responses will be kept on file, so you will want to save a copy for your own reference. Please allow two to three weeks for your paper to be assessed before the next step is sent to you.

Other Info:

  • The Essential Flower Essence Handbook is purchased separately.
  • All shipping and handling charges (including CA state sales tax where applicable) are included in enrollment.
  • One year per level is allowed, though you can complete a level in two months.
  • Extensions granted: $125 re-enrollment fee. This is a non-refundable course.
  • This tri-level course is cumulative. Students proceed to the next level after receiving a passing grade for the previous level.
  • Papers are reviewed with comments by Lila Devi.

From a Student:

“I really found the entire exam to be beneficial. Each question encouraged me to dig deeper into the essences and their qualities, as well as probe my inner self. I loved the CD. It made me feel more connected with the course. I have been, and will continue, to recommend this course. Sharing and spreading the wealth of information and personal growth gained through this adventure is priceless. I find that I have personally gained more confidence and the essences are now a part of me.” – Roberta Ciskey, Bethel, CT



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