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Home Study Course for Pets and Animals (Level I and II)

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Home Study Course for Pets and Animals with certification: an internationally acclaimed study of Spirit in Nature’s Flower Essences for natural pet care.

In two levels: Level I, Introductory; and Level II, Practitioner.

Animal lovers worldwide—including veterinarians, animal behaviorists, holistic practitioners, breeders and trainers—report that this course helps them to improve the lives of the pets they love through the gentle yet powerful medium of flower essences.

Both levels of this course include a complete folder with:

  • Assorted written material
  • The Pets Essence Spectrum Chart with Level I
  • A CD lecture by Founder Lila Devi
  • I.P.s (terms/instructions/policy)
  • A welcome letter
  • A Certificate of Completion after all assignments are completed

Other Info:

  • Flower Essences For Animals is purchased separately.
  • All shipping and handling charges (including CA state sales tax where applicable) are included in enrollment.
  • You’re allowed one year per level, though you can complete a level in two months.
  • Extensions granted at a $125 re-enrollment fee. This is a non-refundable course.
  • As it is cumulative, students proceed to the next level after receiving a passing grade for the previous level.
  • Papers are reviewed with comments by Lila Devi.


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