From Bagels to Curry


Product Description

From Bagels to Curry
Paperback, 352 pages (5½” x 8½”)
ISBN 978-1-56589-297-2
NEW from Lila Devi: a spiritual memoir (her fourth book, and the first not about flower essences). Here, the founder of Spirit-in-Nature Essences shares a more personal journey with universal undertones–from formal religion to spirituality.

From Bagels to Curry is a gem of a book that is destined to help this weird and wonderful world we live in. A story of love and acceptance of others’ faiths and cultures of which there is such a dearth in our society. In a week where we have planes being shot out of the sky and revolution and terrorism, we need simple stories like this of trust and love between all people worldwide.”
— JMichael Fields, author of Nature Feels and Nature Heals and CEO of Inspirations International



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