3rd Chakra Blend


3rd Chakra Blend Flower Essence

Flower Essences: Cherry, Orange, and Pineapple Essences

Location: Lumbar center

Sanskrit name: Manipura

Color: Yellow

Element: Fire

About the 3rd Chakra

The 3rd, or Manipura chakra located at the lumbar center behind the navel, radiates the fire element in bright yellow as it rises skyward. The qualities of this chakra – for fiery, expressive self-control and balanced exuberance – burn brightly in these vibrant flower essences:

Cherry Essence for cheerfulness when this fire burns steady and positive, clearing away the ashes of all dross that is not pure happiness.

Orange Essence for enthusiasm, no matter how longstanding or deep our trials run, is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Pineapple Essence for self-assurance, self-worth, and self-knowing, builds an aura of charisma, abundance, and wealth on all levels, including an expansion of the little self, or ego, into a higher state of Self-awareness. Worthy yet not proud, this flower essence helps us to manifest our dreams.

Helps to Overcome:

  • guilt
  • self-sabotage
  • anger
  • intolerance
  • impatience
  • half-hearted commitment
  • indifference
  • misuse of power

About Our Bottles

  • Prepared from the purest blossoms in their peak of bloom
  • Each formula keenly attuned to reinforcing its chakra’s flow, stability, and expansion
  • Combinations of 3 of the most important flower essences for each chakra
  • In cobalt blue glass bottles, ½ oz. (15 ml.)
  • Designer labels that match the colors of the corresponding chakras
  • For freshness and longevity: store upright, tightly sealed, out of heat and humidity.
Weight 1 oz


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