The 7-Week Chakra Blend Challenge Program:

Week #6 – The 6th Chakra

You’re on the home stretch!
Here are your 3 exercises for Week #6 for your 6th chakra:

Flower Essences:  Avocado, Corn, and Pear Essences

Location: Forehead between eyebrows/medulla oblongata

Sanskrit name: Ajna chakra

Color: Indigo

Element: Super-ether

Part 1: Thought for the Day

Think INDIGO (a combination of blue and violet)

“Pure feelings, devotion, love of beauty in all its expressions – in its spiritual expression above all.

Bathe the medulla at the base of your skull with the clear, pure vibrations of the color indigo.

Part 2: 6th Chakra Color-Breathing Technique

When taking your 6th Chakra Blend, sit upright with a straight spine. Meditate for a while first. Then begin this series of breathing, affirmation, and visualization:

Imagine the color indigo. Take several slow, deep breaths through your nose. Feel that you are breathing that color into the 6th chakra.

Inhale, through your nose, the color of indigo into that chakra. Hold the breath for a few seconds and then exhale completely through your mouth. As you exhale, imagine expanding the color indigo from the 6th chakra out into your aura. Visualize a ring of bright indigo around your body.

Now, if you are inspired to include an affirmation, repeat this affirmation mentally only:

“The color indigo purifies me. It fills me with an inner light. I am free from all egoic attachments!”

Next, after filling your aura with the color indigo, see it vibrating with great vibrancy around your body. Sit in silence with closed eyes, and enjoy the experience of this color that you have now welcomed into your energy field!

Part 3: Chakra Challenge Journaling for the 6th Chakra’s Super-Ether Element

1. The sixth chakra is split into positive and negative manifestations, with the ego in the medulla oblongata and the spiritual eye at the frontal part of the brain or the point between the eyebrows. Exactly what do I understand my ego to be? Do I feel that my ego is a good or a bad thing? Elaborate on this point.

2. The highest chakras govern the functions of the brain and the senses. How do I feel about each one of my five senses – seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, touching? How successful am I in turning off the “five sense telephones” during meditation?

3. Why do I experience myself or my “being-ness” more in my head than in anywhere else in my body? How can I be more “present” in the rest of my body, and why is this a good idea?

4. Now set aside all thoughts of what you have read or heard about these chakras. Close your eyes and meditate on the 6th chakra for at least 5 minutes. What does it look like to you – shapes, colors, forms, symbols? What does it smell like, taste like, sound like, feel like? Draw a picture or make a simple abstract diagram of what you saw or felt in your meditation. Write a poem or a few lines of verse or prose to go with this chakra. What music or chant do you know which would give the feeling of this chakra, either your own musical composition or someone else’s?

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