The 7-Week Chakra Blend Challenge Program:

Week #7 – The 7th Chakra

Last week, almost there!
Here are your 3 exercises for Week #7 for your 7th chakra:

Flower Essences:  Coconut, Date, and Pear Essences

Location: Top of the head

Sanskrit name: Sahasrara chakra

Color: Violet

Element: Super-ether

Part 1: Thought for the Day

Think VIOLET — “High thoughts, high principles, noble aspirations.”

Breathe clear, pure VIOLET vibrations into your sixth chakra (the spiritual eye) at the point between the eyebrows.

Part 2: 7th Chakra Color-Breathing Technique

When taking your 7th Chakra Blend, sit upright with a straight spine. Meditate for a while first. Then begin this series of breathing, affirmation, and visualization:

Imagine the color violet. Take several slow, deep breaths through your nose. Feel that you are breathing that color into the 7th chakra.

Inhale, through your nose, the color of violet into that chakra. Hold the breath for a few seconds and then exhale completely through your mouth. As you exhale, imagine expanding the color violet from the7th chakra out into your aura. Visualize a ring of bright violet around your body.

Now, if you are inspired to include an affirmation, repeat this affirmation mentally only:

“The color violet uplifts me. I live in bliss!”

Next, after filling your aura with the color violet, see it vibrating with great vibrancy around your body. Sit in silence with closed eyes, and enjoy the experience of this color that you have now welcomed into your energy field!

Part 3: Chakra Challenge Journaling for the 7th Chakra’s Super-Ether Element

1. How do I experience the 7th chakra or super-ether element within myself?

2. How do I define enlightenment? How do I define liberation? What is the difference?

3. Hypothetically, what would it be like to live every moment of my life in bliss?


Congratulations on Your Graduation!

You have now completed the 7-Week Chakra Blend Challenge Program.

On your last day, why not celebrate the completion of your 7-Week Challenge by experiencing all the chakras, blending and balancing them together in perfect harmony and freedom.

  • Begin by meditating for a few minutes, as we have done throughout the past 7 weeks.
  • Visualize each chakra as a lotus blossom, its petals symbolizing rays of energy, first pointing downward.
  • As you breathe energy, color, and light through each chakra in turn, visualize the lotus blossom turning its petals upward, offering its energy into the next chakra above it.
  • Breathe the corresponding color into each chakra, as we have done throughout the preceding weeks.
  • Though now, as you exhale each chakra color into your aura, create a full rainbow of all seven circular layers of color: first red, then orange, and so on – like the concentric rings of a tree.
  • Imagine that your aura has become a large bubble, filled with rainbow lights.
  • Learn to live your life every day, sustained by the inner and outer lights of your chakras.
  • You may want to continue with your Chakra Blend Flower Essences, as you feel the need for their reinforcement.
  • May you live in perfect well-being.
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