The 7-Week Chakra Blend Challenge Program:

Week #5 – The 5th Chakra

Good job, you got this far!
Here are your 3 exercises for Week #5 for your 5th chakra:

Flower Essences:  Apple, Banana, and Lettuce Essences

Location: Cervical center

Sanskrit name: Vishudha

Color: Blue

Element: Ether

Part 1: Thought for the Day

Think BLUE – “Calmness, space, infinity.”

Inhale clear, pure blue vibrations into your 5th chakra at the base of your throat.

Part 2: 5th Chakra Color-Breathing Technique

When taking your 5th Chakra Blend, sit upright with a straight spine. Meditate for a while first. Then begin this series of breathing, affirmation, and visualization:

Imagine the color blue. Take several slow, deep breaths through your nose. Feel that you are breathing that color into the 5th chakra.

Inhale, through your nose, the color of blue into that chakra. Hold the breath for a few seconds and then exhale completely through your mouth. As you exhale, imagine expanding the color blue from the 5th chakra out into your aura. Visualize a ring of bright blue around your body.

Now, if you are inspired to include an affirmation, repeat this affirmation mentally only:

“The color blue calms me. I speak my truth and express my inner gifts!”

After filling your aura with the color blue, see it vibrating with great vibrancy around your body. Sit in silence with closed eyes, and enjoy the experience of this color that you have now welcomed into your energy field!

Part 3: Chakra Challenge Journaling for the 5th Chakra’s Ether Element

1. The fifth chakra is the chakra of expansion and calmness. Am I expanding my consciousness these days? How? Do I know what real calmness is in my life? What are some things I can change about my daily life in order to be more “calmly active and actively calm?”

2. This chakra also governs communication. Is there something being left unsaid in my life? If so, what is it? Let me at least try to write it down now and with God’s help find the perfect and appropriate time and place to say it later.

3. What kind of a voice do I have? Do I speak sweetly or harshly?

4. Communication also involves listening. Am I a good listener? What does that mean? Am I able to listen to my own higher Self speaking to me through my own intuitive guidance?

5. This chakra can also manifest “spaciness,” boredom, or feeling disconnected from “reality”? Do I ever have these problems? What are some remedies?

6. A wonderful way to work with this chakra and reverse its energy flow, towards being more inward and upward, is to practice periods of silence and seclusion. Have you ever consciously done this for at least a day or two? Describe your feelings about consciously and deliberately “being in silence,” for an extended period of time.

7. In general, how do I experience this chakra and the ether – space, the medium through which light passes, or that which is ethereal – element within me.

8. Now set aside all thoughts of what you have read or heard about this chakra. Close your eyes and meditate on the 5th chakra for at least 5 minutes. What does it look like to you – shapes, colors, forms, symbols? What does it smell like, taste like, sound like, feel like? Draw a picture or make a simple abstract diagram of what you saw or felt in your meditation. Write a poem or a few lines of verse or prose to go with this chakra. What music or chant do you know which would give the feeling of this chakra, either your own musical composition or someone else’s?

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