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Consultation – 3 1-hour Consults

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This information is identical to the 1-hour consult, with one exception. The 3-consult bundle with Lila has a different rhythm. Much like any work of art with a beginning, a body, and a conclusion, these sessions work with energetic layers. In other words, the time is structured differently. Once payment is confirmed, you’ll receive an email to schedule the appointment.

These Consultations Cover:

  • Learning to define yourself by your strengths instead of your difficulties or weaknesses.
  • Gathering the tools needed to make important decisions or lifestyle changes.
  • Seeing yourself in a whole new light—based on the lightness within you.
  • Understanding the importance of forgiveness where necessary.
  • Being vigilant about your chosen thoughts and environments.

When your payment is confirmed, you will receive an email to schedule an appointment.


What People Are Saying  

“I have to say that I am so excited about my flower essence program. It has really given me a sense of hope and happiness. I am not sure if this is even possible—however, I feel a slight difference already. I am so grateful to have found you!” – Erin Blomberg, mother, LA, CA

“You’re good at this! I mean, you’re really good. For years, I’ve been the only person in town who does flower essences. There’s no one I can go to for consultations. This has been great. I feel a weight has been lifted.” – Ann Welsh, Practitioner, Roseville, CA


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