Consultation – 1 hour



Enjoy a custom-tailored flower essence program with Lila. Once payment is confirmed, you’ll receive an email to schedule the appointment.

What To Expect from the Consult:

  • An opportunity to move forward with your issues and challenges by awakening your inner strengths and talents.
  • A nice gift for a friend, your children, your dog, your husband!
  • A refreshing new perspective on old issues.
  • Hope!

A Consultation Includes:

  • An “energy portrait” of yourself, reflected back through your flower essence program.
  • Your individual signature essence as explained in The Essential Flower Essence Handbook.
  • Flower essence programs for your loved ones can be scheduled into your session–for family, children, and friends.
  • Addressing your pets’ needs—or to help happy animals be even happier!
  • Affirmations for each flower essence.
  • Directions for usage.

What People Are Saying  

“I’m on my fourth essence and am feeling happier, more clear and more confident.” – Janet Cooper, Carmel, CA

“Your essence programme has been a wonderful support, Lila, it makes such a difference to have someone else to tell me what to take and when and how long, and generally guide me through my own healing. Especially when that someone else is as special as you. Your spirituality shines in you and in the essences you make. I am so glad you exist!” – Eleanor, flower essence founder, England


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