Grape Spray for Pets 1/2 oz. (15 ml.)


Product Description

Understandably one of our most widely used pet essences, Grape Spray is now available in a handy 1/2-oz. (15 ml.) spray bottle. Also one of “The Big Three” (along with Pear and Tomato) used well and often for pets, including rescue animals. This purse/pocket-size spray, prepared from the tiny flowering grape buds, is a must to help pets in need or happy pets to be even happier.

Here are just a few situations/behaviors in which Grape Spray is recommended: for love; for neglect, abandonment, abuse; loneliness; clingy or aloof behavior; jealousy of other pets or humans, sometimes expressed as bullying, growling or spraying/soiling; for any sense of lack or disconnectedness in the early weeks/months of healthy imprinting and socialization; for death or loss of a beloved human or animal friend. (You can read more about its applications in Flower Essences for Animals and free online version.)

How to apply to your pet? Just a spritz on the fur, feathers, or scales 4 times a day, added to the water bowl or trough, or a combination of both methods. (Please note: there is no need to force your pet’s mouth open since topical applications are equally as effective.)

See our regular Grape Spray for people and plants.


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