Lettuce Flower Essence: Tattoos in the Wind

A poised young man arrived at the office today for a consult. He shone with the grace and dignity of a martial artist and the open-hearted stance of a noble warrior. His gaze was straight and his words were few. Yet he chose them with the precision of a Lettuce Essence signature individual.

Samuel sported tattoos on both arms. A tree trunk and limbs swirled across the biceps of his left arm that rose to his shoulder, replete with ancient symbolism. The optical illusion of his skin tone provided a backdrop of color for the trunk. It gave the tree itself the appearance of towering over a forest path and breathing of its own volition.

Everything about this tattooed gentleman spoke of stillness in motion and a calmness that ran deep – even through his tattoos.


According to the pattern in a consultation, the client’s signature essence is the last of five in the program, roughly about ninety-five percent of the time. That fifth/signature essence represents a wrapping-up, much like tying a bow on the package of the flower essence consult.

This was true for Samuel. When I asked if he agreed that he was articulate by nature, he stumbled, humbly, to agree. His commanding yet not-overbearing presence preceded him. We joked that he probably wasn’t a habitual chatter. Even his lighter side was succinct: “I’m chatty on caffeine, and then I’m told to shut up,” he said playfully.

“How are you in crisis or emergency situations?” I asked. “Can you give me an example of a time you remained calm when others were unable to?”

Samuel continued. “I’ve noticed I’m able to manage some crazy conditions, like Thanksgiving, back when I was fifteen years old. We were at this huge party at my parents’ house. My father had a seizure. He stood up, looked funny, spun around, and knocked over the coffee table. All the adults just stood there in shock, not knowing what to do. I jumped over two couches and a table and shouted to my aunt, ‘Call 911!’

“My cousin and other family members all noticed I wasn’t freaked out. I was just there to help my dad. This was the first time I realized that I had an ability to stay calm when others would lose it.”

In the Lettuce Essence chapter of The Essential Flower Essence Handbook, this essence is described: “Like a wind through a forest, Lettuce themes touch the lives of many people and are thus very influential, though in an understated way. They possess great strength of character.”


Our consult concluded and Samuel, along with the tattoos of the wind in the trees on his arms, left the office with his program of five new flower essences.

Watch this 1-minute video about Lettuce Essence

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