Flower Essences for Their Friends in the Plant Kingdom

Barbara wrote to us from the U.K.:

I love Spirit-in-Nature Essences! Is there any info about using your essences with the plants themselves? This is an area that interests me. Thank you!

Hi, Barbara,

How are you? Thank you for writing, I’m glad to hear from you. I’m not surprised that your request is from the UK. I find that people there have a deep sensitivity to the plant kingdom of which the flower essences of course are a part, expressed in their vibrant gardens!

I have been working on a leaflet, actually, about the essences for plants, and alas, it’s gone very slowly. We have some excellent testimonials from our clientele, mostly for Pear Essence. Next is Orange Essence, and on the list goes. Needless to say, the plants are receptive in a very heightened way to the magic of flower essences. We like to call the essences “flower friends,” and they are certainly that for their other friends who are plants!

Here are a few of the more exciting direct testimonials to share with you:

“My plant is a cala lily, and we have had it for 3 years. The common name is zantedeschia genus or calla genus. It is native from South Africa and grows from bulbs. The green leaves are shaped like arrowheads and the flowers are shaped like a trumpet. It blooms in the  right conditions with good soil, shade, and fertilizer. Since it had not bloomed for while, I thought I would try some Pear Essence. I gave it 3 drops 3 times a day, and spoke to it tenderly. Plants have a nervous system in their roots where they feel the vibration of a voice, and they feel the sun and lean toward it if they need more light. They actually respond to stimuli around them. So after a few days it picked up.” Henrietta H, Home Study Course Student, Ontario, Canada

“I actually tried Pear on my bamboo plant which was changing color a bit, and drying up. I think it was over watered, VERY EASY TO DO WITH BAMBOO! And possibly put into direct sunlight. But with some care, it has turned around after a couple weeks. The brown color is not spreading, and it even has a new green leaf! I would say that is a positive experience from the Pear Essence. Melissa Y, Acupuncturist, Home Study Course Student, Seattle, WA

“The Pear Essence worked well for my dog, and then I also began to take it for a stressful situation. It really helped me too! My dog’s still on this flower essence, but I was surprised that it helped me. I put it in her water bowl and started throwing the unused water on a plant outdoors, a type of gardenia–and the plant is doing better. It’s blooming quite a bit! I’m really amazed, I didn’t expect it to work like this, but I was willing to try it. This help has come to me in a roundabout way, through my dog. I wish I’d had it sooner, but I’m glad I have it now.” Ernestine Mitchell, Housewife, Sacramento, CA

I hope this information is helpful to you, Barbara. Please keep in touch, and thanks again for taking the time to write.

In perfect well-being,


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