Corn Essence to Help Revivify a Pet’s Life Force

Hi, Everyone,

Here’s a somewhat recent correspondence from a pet lover and Home Study Course student about her friend’s dog with cancer, followed by her response.

That’s wonderful that Corn Essence is helping Duke, your friend’s dog. It sounds like you’ve made exactly the right choice. That’s why my first comment was to gather more information and find out more about the situation, his condition, how he seems to be doing, etc. etc. I agree with you completely that, for now, if this flower essence seems to be right, then it IS right. The other  flower essences that I mentioned in the webinar—Orange and Coconut—can be used later, if and when he continues to fail physically.

Have you considered an essence or essence program for the owner/s? Let me know your thoughts. This would be one way for her/them to support their dog more fully by keeping their own energy clear and uplifted, even while they are going through their grieving process. Watching a beloved pet decline is, I think, one of the hardest tests human beings can face.

Please keep me updated on how Duke and his family are doing.

In perfect well-being,

Linda’s Response

Hi, Lila,

Thank you for responding to me and my questions regarding Corn Essence for Duke. He is quite remarkable.  The type of cancer he has is a “spindle cell carcinoma.” It is very insidious and can manifest within 2 weeks.  He was diagnosed about 3 months ago, and he is still doing quite well. The owner is very happy with the results of the Corn flower essence.

You asked me about essences for his owner, and quite coincidentally, I was visiting with another friend who asked me the same question.

As for the blog or sharing any of our discussions, please feel free to do so.  It is very supportive to share and support all who have an interest.  If our discussion can be of service to someone else, it is a great honor to share.

Yes, I agree with you that the webinars are growing in their ability to convey information. Thank you for the opportunity to share in this.

With love and light,

Watch this 3-minute video about Corn Essence

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