Why Not Take All 20 at Once?

Dear Spirit-in-Nature: What a delight to receive your beautiful complete set! Your promptness blew me away! Now for the questions. People always ask, “Why not take all the essences at once?” I always tell them that the unfolding of their lives so quickly could be stressful.

So: is it possible to take an “essence journey” around the whole wheel of your Flower Essence Spectrum Chart? Do you know of anyone who has done such a thing, and what happens?

Thank you once again.

Cheers and blessings,


Hi, Sally,

Thank you for your kind words, I’ll share them with our staff. Glad you like the full set, customers seem very pleased with it – including yourself!

The question arises often about taking all 20 Spirit-in-Nature Essences at one time.

And why not? It’s tempting! We’re asked this question more than you would think because all of their qualities are so magnetic and attractive. Our research, however, shows they work best and quickest when taken singly instead of in combination.


And of course now that we’ve just launched our complete set of 7 Chakra Blend Flower Essences, the issue of combination formulas is more timely than ever. This line offers 3 flower essences to a bottle, especially tailored to the strengths of each particular chakra. Responses are coming to us strongly.

There’s no harm in taking the flower essences combined together, though I’ve never heard of anyone actually following through and taking all 20 at once! What you say can be true and is fascinating, about life unfolding in fast motion. Oddly, although you can take flower essences with any other supplement or therapy, our research shows that they tend to slow each other down a bit when taken in combination. Why? Who knows? My sense and my own experience is that they each have a loud and full voice, or a full vibrational message. We can only digest so much information at one time.


Oh, yes! You can certainly take your “essence journey.” I know of study groups around the country that have done just that. They can discuss with others in the group who are using the same flower essences for feedback, discussion, etc. This is an educational and entertaining way to work.

This approach, however, is very different than looking for a vibrational match between the person’s life force and the life force in the flower essence bottle itself. You could say it’s a much more generic approach. People in a group dynamic enjoy discussing their journey with others who are taking the same flower essences at the same time.

Have fun with your studies and experiments.

Warmly, in perfect well-being,
Lila Devi

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