Theme And Plot: Shortcuts for Understanding Flower Essences

Theme and plot essences, for “being” and “doing” respectively, are easy concepts to grasp, once you get your thoughts around them. Here are some helpful insights. . .

Dec 14, 2013

“Being” Versus “Doing”

Hi Spirit-in-Nature, I was reading through your Home Study Course outline for practitioner training. The part where you said “being” versus “doing” essences really caught my attention. I didn’t know there was such a thing! Can you explain to me what this means and what you would consider “being” essences and/or “doing” essences? I am interested in becoming a Flower Essence Practitioner and was looking over the program that you offer.

Thank you, Amber

Lila’s Response

Thank you for asking such an interesting question, and one that I had to go read my own book to answer! The first thought that comes to mind is that a “being” essence is who you are without having to do anything to get there, while a “doing” essence is about a work in progress. These are also ways of describing two terms I’ve coined to work with and understand flower essences better, as well as the human personality with its character strengths and challenges (you can see I’m not that fond of the word “weakness”). The terms are theme/being and plot/doing.

Having just reread Chapter 8 in The Essential Flower Essence Handbook, it presents a good summary of this topic. A different way of saying this is that our theme essence is a particular soul quality–the soul being the individualized expression of Spirit, or higher consciousness. Hence, your theme might be Raspberry for kindness and compassion, or Corn for mental vitality. Our theme is a positive reference point. You might also want to read two of the latest blogs about a young man whose theme is Spinach Essence.

This is a slightly tricky subject, but at the same time an easy one, once you can wrap your thoughts around it. The main point of confusion for people seems to be mistaking a major need for a predominant strength. It’s an interesting comment on human nature, I think, that we can misunderstand the intensity of our need (plot) for something really positive. Then again, it is just that, because the very absence of a positive quality hints that it’s just around the corner, or more true to say, just within our own self.

Here’s an example, one very relevant to my life right now. I’m working on learning Italian, which I knew somewhat fluently many years ago and am now rebuilding.The need is intense, if not frustrating, when I cannot make myself understood in line at the grocery store checkout counter! Yet just behind the lack of having the right words to express myself is the strong presence of Avocado Essence, for good memory and perhaps even more importantly, for the joy of learning. For me, in this moment, Avocado is a strong plot essence.

Does this help, Amber? I’m trying to approach this from a different angle and not just repeat Chapter 8–another good reason to take Avocado Essence! (By the way, I would gladly do so, but I’m currently on a different essence and we recommend the single-essence approach, which is another off-topic subject; otherwise, I’d be dosing with some Avocado immediately!)

Have a great weekend.

In perfect well-being,

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