Spirit in Nature Essences and Seasons

Peach OrchidsThe 20 Spirit in Nature Essences are allocated each seasonal quadrant, however those flowers and their flowering seasons do not always correspond. For example, Orange is an autumn essence but its flower blooms in early summer, and Grape is a winter essence but its flower season is before summer begins.

Where the essence is located is the energy it has, not simply the flowering seasons. Energy is not something visible, however if the doctrine of signature is used, we get a clue to find what kind of energy the plants have. For example, the bright color of orange and its round shape are just like the sun that has a power to banish depressed feelings, which can be done with a person’s matured inner wisdom. The power to pull through any hardships can make a person achieve his/her mission of their life. This is similar to Autumn harvesting quality. Also the orange fruit or essential oil is known to have anti-depressive efficacy, much like the Orange Flower Essence. The remainder of the 19 essences are also classified according to their energies.