Secrets to Choosing the Right and Best Flower Essences

A Spirit-in-Nature friend wrote in with an interesting question, one that you might find of interest as well.

She said that another line of flower essences stresses the best way to pick the “right” essence/s is to choose a remedy based on the issues a person is having. She further comments, “It seems that with your essences you can use that method but also you can choose based on what positive quality you would like to experience or enhance. Is this correct? Thank you for your time and your help. It is greatly appreciated!”

Here’s my response:

To answer your question: Yes, that is correct.

Flower essences can be selected and used in many different ways! With Spirit-in-Nature Essences, we focus on bringing forward, strengthening, influencing, or awakening your existing positive qualities to help you move through different issues. Flower essences are often defined as tinctures that help to eliminate emotional imbalances. Surely they help us to do just that. And much, much more.

But we’re so much bigger than our problems. In fact, we’re not our problems at all!

It helps to remember that we are not the issues that come to test us. They pass on sooner or later, while our “essence” will continue to move forward. This is why using Pear Essence in an emergency, for instance, makes sense. (You’ll see this flower essence discussed this month on our blog page.) You could also say you are strengthening your existing inner peace and your ability to remain unflappable (a great word, isn’t it?) in very difficult situations. The word enhance is also a good explanation for how flower essences work, as they enhance the qualities of our soul nature.

This approach affirms our beauty, goodness and strength instead of binding us to our difficulties. It’s amazing what just that slight shift in focus can do!

Also we could say that once you get to know a set of flower essences from their own center, somewhat as you know your own friends, it’s easy to see the “vibrational matches” between who would be good friends with whom, meaning to match them to the needs of those who come to you for help.

Our most recent literature, one flyer for people and one about pets, is actually quite simplified. The flyers answer 7 basic questions on one side and then simply list the qualities of each flower essence on the other. All you have to do is decide which quality you want to develop within yourself. Is it the flexible nature of Fig Essence or the clarity of Apple Essence?

Lastly, in choosing flower essences for yourself or others, don’t hesitate to use your intuition. Intuition is the knowing of truth on a soul level.

If all else fails, take heart in this quote by General George S. Patton: “If a man does his best, what else is there?”

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