Raspberry Flower Essence for a Barking Rescue Dog Named Merlin

Merlin needs me more and is more loving towards me is the main change on Raspberry Essence. At the refuge where I found him, the dogs all bark in chorus, which is their habit.

If you have any thoughts, I would be grateful.

Have a great week. Happy full moon,


Dear Michael,

So glad to hear from you and that dear Merlin’s lungs are in such fine condition, alas to the distress of your sleep!!

You know, I have never seen behavior worsen on a flower essence for animals. They only get better or remain as they were in some cases. Without prefrontal lobes, pets do not experience the healing crisis phenomena that I explained to my advanced class just this weekend.

As odd as it sounds, Merlin’s exaggerated barking may actually be a sign of his recovery rather than backsliding. See what you think about this idea, Michael. He most likely feels he’s doing a better job for you now in safeguarding your home and land, being more comfortable in his own fur as it were, than before when he was more emotionally wounded, pre-Raspberry. What if we view his increased barking as a sign that he can be more himself and better able to interpret his job as “protector of the lair” now that he’s feeling better off in your loving home?

This sounds like a clear case of positive reinforcement training needed for his behavior. Which you well know much better than me. You might try seeing that he gets rewarded for his good behavior when he doesn’t bark, with special treats. You’re right, he completely deserves to be thanked for taking such good care of the house and its residents. He wants your approval, he loves it, it heals him. And he did a very good job to alert you to the intruders outside, didn’t he? What a good boy he is!

See how this idea works, Michael, and most of all how it feels to you inwardly. I’d love to share this beautiful story.

Perfect well-being to you all,

Epilogue: Good news, the barking lessened and then stopped. Merlin was simply adjusting to his new home and getting used to his new human and dog family. No doubt Raspberry Essence played a part in his transition.

Watch this 3-minute video about Raspberry Essence

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