Profile of a Woman in the Positive Blackberry Flower Essence State

A student (who asked to remain anonymous) wrote a brilliant personality profile of a client and friend who exemplies the purity of thought of the Blackberry Essence. Here is what she wrote…

Blackberry is about assuming the best, giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. It is about fresh, clean thoughts, expecting good things. It offers the vibration of a fresh, clean rain, dispelling negativity, working like white sage for a cleansing mental smudging.

All dark berries are antioxidants, tackling the free radicals in our bodies that may lead to cancer. And negative thoughts can be like cancer, growing inside us when our natural immune systems have trouble differentiating between invader cells and aspects of our true selves.

It is a fun coincidence that blackberries are in the rosaceae (rose) family. Rita (our Blackberry example in human form) has an incredibly extensive social network, though I don’t think I’ve ever heard her say anything negative about anyone. She can be observant, seeing the reality of the situation, but not in a judgmental way. I know her fairly well because we trade massage for yoga classes.

Rita’s primary job is handling plane scheduling for employees at a large corporation, plus she has her own small travel business on the side. She and her husband are co-owners of a winery with another couple. She also teaches a variety of fitness classes, and she’s forever running her children to their activities. Her network of acquaintances is very wide, because everything she does involves dealing with lots of people. Her challenge is in juggling it all, but she never complains (although I have seen her get overwhelmed/discouraged when she feels that she doesn’t have time to be present enough for her family).

Sometimes other moms seem to get jealous of Rita, and a few get truly angry with her (I’m guessing because they have their own self-esteem issues), but she doesn’t understand why they’re upset (maybe because she’s thin, athletic, successful and beautiful, with a great family — and she makes it all look easy?). When another mother doesn’t want to be friends with her, Rita gets upset and confused. It seems that they sometimes feel competitive with her, but she’s baffled because Rita herself is not competitive with anyone but herself. People who’ve known her longer than I have (and who see her at a wider variety of functions) say that she’s just nice to everyone. I think sometimes people who don’t know her well tend to assume she’s too nice to be authentic. But there’s nothing fake about her.

Occasionally Rita feels bad about being “just a gym yoga teacher,” which she sees as being inferior to “real” yoga teachers. She sometimes questions whether she’s not pure enough, since she drinks wine and doesn’t live a simple organic lifestyle. Then her yoga mentor has to remind her that by living the way she does, she’s able to reach a totally new group of people. Rita’s mentor assures her that her purpose is every bit as valid as that of the more ascetic practitioners, so she cannot judge herself so harshly.

Rita is a natural leader, and most people don’t seem to mind following her because she’s upbeat and kind, without the negativity of an un-evolved ego.

Rita says she was feeling good while she was on the Blackberry. “I was happy those three days I took it,” she says. She said she’d like to give it another shot when things settle down in her life. I told her she could try it again whenever she likes.

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