Tommy Tomato and The Mighty Storm Dragon



About the Book

Age 3-7

What can a little boy teach a big dragon? And what happens when you look fear in the face?

Tommy Tomato, with hair the color of campfire coals, learned well from his Grampy. Tommy’s new friend is a dragon who wants to stomp on all the rooftops in the town when it rains.

This tennis-shoe-wearing dragon wants to roar like no other, breathing a jet stream of fire.

But he can’t – because his pilot light’s gone out!

Much like an affirmation repeated before sleep – when the subconscious mind of kids is highly receptive to positive thoughts – this bedtime story will . . . have you too looking fear in the face.

Get ready for one surprise after another with Tommy Tomato, and more than one surprise ending.


About the Author



Lila Devi received her first writing award in the ninth grade. She graduated from the University of Michigan with honors and, in 1977, founded Spirit-in-Nature Essences. Lila is a writer, poet, singer-songwriter, and playwright-director, including children’s plays and choirs. She lives near Nevada City, California, with her cats, wild turkeys, deer, foxes, bobcats, bears, and maybe . . . a dragon or two.


About the Illustrator



Tharushi Fernando is an undergraduate student in Fashion Design at the University of Moratuwa in Sri Lanka. Her “passion for fashion” is the motivational force behind her love of art, especially in her illustrations of children and animals. Tharu finds that her art uplifts, inspires, and positively influences its viewers. This is her twenty-forth book. She can be reached at


About the Spirit-in-Nature Essences Storybook Collection:

Here is a book for parents, grandparents, and teachers who want their children to have uplifting role models. These flower essences—herbal infusions that stimulate our positive qualities—are personified as special kids (one per book) who emulate these traits. In this story, Tommy Tomato as an affirmation of mental strength, perseverance, and courage helps an unlikely new friend in some very unexpected ways, where surprises abound!

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