Pear Spray 1 oz. (30 ml.)


Our long-awaited Pear Spray: Think “Pear for peace!”

How about a little boost to remain stable, harmonized, and unruffled throughout your daily trials and tribulations in our increasingly unstable world? Would you like to feel that peace bathes you gently, cooling and refreshing you as if in a weightless waterfall?

Pear Essence is also helpful in emergency and crisis situations. Attitudes of resistance—war and peace being opposites—can seriously impact our quality of life, even those as innocent as: Oh, no,it’s raining!” Or, “Wish I didn’t have to work today.”

In most cases, Pear is the best essence to begin your flower essence program with, for it will increase your sensitivity to others.

How to apply our new, easy-to-use Pear Spray? Just a spritz in your mouth, on your skin, or in water several times a day is all it takes to “give peace a chance!” (Please see our Pear Spray for pets.) Unscented, nontoxic, safe, and simple!

Weight 1 oz


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