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Our mini-poster, full-color, 8×10” on glossy cardstock, suitable for framing in your home or office–just what you’ve been waiting for! This stunning reference chart reflects a compilation of decades of collected flower photos, updated essence definitions, and vivid color and design. A magnetic, eye-catching way to understand the oldest flower essence line outside the U.K.

This poster features our Essence Spectrum Chart, with a text explanation below. Beautifully rendered by graphic designer Chitra Sudhakaran, this at-a-glance chart will bring Spirit-in-Nature Essences to life for you and enliven your bond with their subtle energies. The background is screened with lush fruits as a visual reminder of what we call “the flower/food connection,” a distinguishing feature of this essence line.

Also available in French, Dutch, Romanian, Japanese, and Czech. To order the poster in any of these languages, please note accordingly in the Comments section of our online shopping cart.

“Sure, I’ll frame this poster and hang it in my office. I love your essences but would buy the poster even if I didn’t know about them!”
– N. Cryer, director of Ananda College of Living Wisdom, Nevada City, CA, USA

I have to say that I absolutely love this chart! I call it the essence wheel for dummies because it really makes navigating and choosing the essences pretty seamless. I love how it essentially moves like a wheel going forward with the stages of life, childhood, youth, middle age and senior and moving forward with the four seasons; spring, summer, autumn and winter.”

-Michael Allison, holistic therapist, Madison Heights, MI


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