Affirmation Deck



This deck of 20 cards (plus two additional instruction cards) in a handsomely designed jeweled matte laminate gift box (4″x6″x1-1/4″) includes brilliant blossom and fruit photos with rhythmical affirmations. Display these cards in prominent places in your home or office as “vibrational reminders” of the qualities on which you are focusing; study them in the context of the Essence Spectrum Chart explained in The Essential Flower Essence Handbook; or use them intuitively to design an essence program. Their applications are numerous.

Spirit-in-Nature Essences act as “bottled affirmations,” while affirmations might be called “verbal essences.” Since both help to awaken the positive qualities within our nature, using them interactively will increase their effectiveness. They will help you to affirm perfect well-being–and to change your life.

Weight 1 oz


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