Personalities of Trees used for Flower Essences

Elena wrote recently, asking if we work with the different varieties of fruits and vegetables and if they have different definitions from the basic 20 of this flower essence line. Here’s my response.

Hi, Elena. Good to hear from you. And such a fascinating topic!

While different trees and plants most certainly have their own personalities, we keep to the overarching definitions for each of the 20 Spirit-in-Nature Essences, i.e., in this case, of the apple’s expansive and predominant quality of peaceful clarity. It would be unlikely, and I’m guessing without significant research done, impossible, for an apple tree to display the predominant qualities of, say, Tomato Essence! Though to be fair to the nature kingdom, probably anything is possible, and I’m all for rules being broken and exceptions being made.

Of course, life forms are not generic! This is a facet of the richness of life in this world. Though it’s probably easier to see the differences between the personalities of dogs, for example, than earthworms. The higher evolved a life form is, the more the personality displays its delightful quirks, idiosyncrasies, likes and dislikes, desires and aversions, etc.

The point being, we’re talking about consciousness, which is a subtle subject to begin with. According to Indian scriptures, and an understanding of the anatomy of each of the different kingdoms (mineral, plant, and animal), the awareness of minerals is expressed on a less-evolved level than that of the animal kingdom. As explained in the first chapter of Flower Essences for Animals, animals do not yet have egos, which is where free will enters the evolutionary picture. Until that point in their evolution, they do have vibrant and distinct personalities, especially those animals who spend more time around humans.

Plants, on the other hand, express more of a group personality. Though as you have pointed out, you are tuning in to the different expressions of your apple trees with a primary quality of peaceful clarity. Well done!

This is at least a summary with some seed thoughts offered for your consideration. See what you think.

My best to your apple trees, their lush flowers, and delicious fruits!

Spirit-in-Nature Essences Founder

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