Spirit-in-Nature Flower Essences Index

“The ox is slow, but the earth is patient.”
-Source unknown

This index affords quick and easy reference for the practitioner and the layperson alike. Here, you will find both positive and negative qualities and conditions listed-in other words, both sides of the essence coin. Coconut, as an example, is listed under willingness and unwillingness. The indexed negative qualities are our shortcomings or imperfect attempts at their positive opposite expressions. The positive qualities represent the vibrational message of the essences and we ourselves expressing those qualities, much like the before and after photos that are sometimes used in advertising.

Thus, the index may be used in two ways. You might say, “I’d really like to have more hope,” in which case you would refer to that category, or “I’m really in a mood today,” and check under “Moodiness” and related sections such as “Temperamentalism” and “Unhappiness.” After finding the desired subject, you may want to refer to the corresponding essence chapter for complete information on that particular essence.

If you are searching for a quality or condition that is not listed, check under a comparable topic. There are several reasons why a quality may be unlisted in this index: (1) it may be a state such as childhood, for which all the essences apply; (2) as a rule, physical conditions are not listed because, as mentioned earlier, flower essences address psycho-emotional issues and not the physical level directly; or (3) I am still collecting data on those topics.

Abandonment Grape Strawberry    
Absent-mindedness Avocado
Abundance Date Pineapple
Abuse Orange Strawberry
Acceptance Apple Date
Accident-proneness Pear
Accuracy Avocado
Achievement Corn
Acuity Avocado
Adaptability Fig
Addiction Almond Tomato
Adjustability Fig
Adventure Spinach
Advice-seeking Lettuce
Advice-giving Peach
Affirmation of life Corn
Agelessness Strawberry    
Agitation Lettuce
Alertness Avocado
Alienation Grape
Aloofness Grape
Altruism Peach
Ambivalence Strawberry
Analytical Spinach
Anger Almond Apple Lettuce
Anguish Orange
Animals, love of Peach Spinach
Annoyance Date
Anxiety Banana Tomato
Apathy Orange
Apologetic, overly Strawberry
Appreciation Peach Spinach
Apprehension Tomato
Arrogance Banana
Articulateness Blackberry Fig
Attachment, negative Banana
Attention Avocado
Attitudes, unhealthy Apple
Attunement, to others Date
Auric disturbances Pear
"Autopilot"state Corn
Avoidance Coconut
Awareness Avocado Coconut
Awareness, environmental Blackberry
Awe Spinach
Balance Almond Apple Pear
Beauty, love of Strawberry
Belief, in self Tomato
Benevolence Raspberry
Bliss Orange
Bitterness Raspberry
Blame, of others Grape Raspberry
Blocked energy Corn
Bluntness Blackberry
Body image Strawberry
Boredom Corn
Boundaries Fig
Brashness Pear
Break-ups Strawberry
Bubbliness Cherry
Buoyancy Spinach
Burdened Orange Spinach
Calm Almond Banana Lettuce
Care Peach
Career problems Pineapple
Carefree Spinach
Caution Pear
Celebration Tomato
Centeredness Pear Tomato
Certainty Lettuce
Challenges Avocado Coconut
Change Corn Tomato
Character strength Pineapple
Cheerfulness Cherry
Childbirth Pear
Child-likeness Cherry Spinach
Clarity Avocado Banana Blackberry  
  Lettuce Pineapple
Cleansing Apple Blackberry
Clinginess Grape
Closed-minded Blackberry
Clouded thinking Blackberry
Clumsiness Strawberry
Codependence See Chapter Thirty-two
Commitment Coconut Grape Strawberry
Common sense Blackberry
Communication Lettuce
Companionship, unpleasant Date
Comparison, self to others Pineapple Strawberry
Compassion Date Peach Raspberry
Competency Peach
Complaining nature Blackberry Date
Completion Coconut
Composure Pear
Compromise, inability to Fig Pear
Compulsion Fig
Concentration Avocado Lettuce
Concern Peach
Condemnation Fig
Confidence Pineapple
Conflict Banana Orange Pear
Confrontation Blackberry
Confusion Avocado
Consideration Grape Peach
Constriction Peach
Contentment Cherry Date Pineapple
Contractiveness Coconut
Contrariness Cherry
Control, lack of Almond Cherry
Courage Tomato
Courteousness Grape Strawberry
Conviction, lack of Tomato
Cowardice Tomato
Creativity Corn Lettuce
Crisis Pear
Criticism Date Fig Grape
Crowds Tomato
Cruelty Blackberry Grape Raspberry
Curiosity Spinach
Cynicism Blackberry
Dark thoughts Blackberry
Dauntlessness Tomato
Daydreaming Avocado
Death, grieving Grape
Deception Blackberry
Decisiveness Lettuce Strawberry
Defeatism Coconut Tomato
Defensiveness Banana Tomato
Demand Grape
Denial Blackberry
Dependability Strawberry
Depression Orange Peach
Despair Orange
Detachment Banana
Details Avocado
Determination Coconut
Devotion Grape
Difficulties Coconut
Dignity Banana Strawberry
Direction Avocado
Directness Blackberry
Discernment Date
Discipline Almond Fig
Disciplinarian Fig
Disconnectedness Grape
Discontentment Almond Date Spinach
Discrimination Blackberry Date
Dishonesty Blackberry
Disinterest Orange Peach
Disorganized Avocado
Dissatisfaction Pineapple
Distrust Spinach
Divorce Grape
Dogmatism Fig
Domineering Peach
Doubt Apple
Dreams Avocado
Dullness Avocado
Dysfunction Spinach Strawberry
Earthiness Pear
Ease, at Fig
Efficiency Almond
Egocentricity Date Peach
Egoism Grape
Elegance Strawberry
Emergency Pear
Emotions Apple Grape Lettuce
  Orange Raspberry
Empathy Raspberry
Empowerment Tomato
Emptiness Grape
Endurance Coconut Corn Orange
Energy Corn
Enjoyment Spinach
Enthusiasm Corn Orange Spinach
Environmental awareness Blackberry
Envy Grape
Escapism Coconut
Evasiveness Blackberry
Even-mindedness Cherry
Excess Almond
Excuses, making Coconut
Exhaustion Corn
Expansion Coconut Grape
Expectations, unrealistic Grape Fig
Exploitation Peach
Exploration Spinach
Exuberance Spinach
Failure Lettuce Tomato
Fanaticism Fig
Fault-finding Blackberry Cherry
Fear Apple Spinach Tomato
Fearlessness Apple Tomato
Fear of aging Strawberry
Flexibility Fig
Fluidity Fig Pear
Focus Avocado Blackberry
Forgetfulness Avocado
Forgiveness Raspberry
Frailty Tomato
Freedom Spinach
Friction Pear
Friendliness Spinach
Friendship Grape
Frigidity Grape
Frugality Blackberry
Frustration Almond Blackberry
Garrulousness Peach
Generosity Peach Raspberry
Gentleness Banana Blackberry Peach
Gloom Cherry
Goodness Blackberry
Gossip Blackberry
Gracefulness Strawberry
Greatness Banana
Greed Grape Peach
Grief Grape Orange Pear
Groundedness Strawberry
Grudges Raspberry
Grumpiness Cherry
Guidance Fig
Guilt Peach Strawberry
Guilelessness Spinach
Habit-bound Almond
Happiness Apple Cherry
Harmony Pear
Hastiness Pear
Healthfulness Apple
Heart Cherry Grape Raspberry
Heaviness Cherry Orange
Helpfulness Peach Raspberry
Hesitation Tomato
Homesickness Avocado
Honesty Pineapple Spinach
Honor Blackberry Coconut
Hope Apple Tomato Cherry Orange
Hopelessness Orange
Humanitarianism Pear
Humility Banana
Humor Blackberry Fig Spinach
Hurt feelings Raspberry
Hypochondria Apple Fig
Identity, sense of Pineapple
Illness, fear of Apple Tomato
Immoderation Almond
Imposition Pineapple
Impotence Grape
Impurity Apple Blackberry
Inadaptability Fig
Inadequacy Peach Strawberry
Inattention Avocado
Incisiveness Blackberry
Inconsideration Grape Peach
Indecisiveness Apple Lettuce Strawberry
Inferiority complex Pineapple
Inhibitions Fig Tomato
Inhospitable Date
Initiative Corn
Innocence Blackberry Spinach
Innovation Corn
Insecurity Strawberry
Insensitivity Peach Raspberry
Insight Blackberry
Inspiration Blackberry Cherry Grape
Instability Tomato
Insults Blackberry
Integration Apple Orange
Integrity Strawberry
Intellectual Spinach
Interest Peach Spinach
Interest in life Orange
Interiorization Almond
Intimacy Grape
Intolerance Date
Introspection Blackberry
Intuition Fig
Invincibility Tomato
Inwardness Almond
Irascibility Date
Irresolution Orange
Irresponsibility Strawberry
Irritability Date
Jealousy Apple Grape
Joy Corn Orange Peach Spinach
Judged, feeling Fig Pineapple
Judgment Banana Fig Blackberry Date
Kindheartedness Raspberry
Kindness Blackberry Peach Raspberry
Lackluster attitude Corn
Lashing out Raspberry
Laughter Cherry
Laziness Corn
Lessons Avocado
Lethargy Corn
Letting go Raspberry
Lightheartedness Cherry
Lightness Cherry Orange
Limitations Fig Pineapple
Listening Banana Raspberry Date Peach
Loneliness Date Grape Peach
Lost, feeling Strawberry
Loudness Pineapple
Love Grape Peach Pear Raspberry
Love of beauty Strawberry
Lust Grape
Magnetism Apple Date Grape
Manipulation Peach
Martyrdom Fig Peach
Maturity Blackberry Peach Strawberry
Meanness Blackberry Raspberry
Meddlesome Peach
Melancholia Orange
Memory Avocado
Menopause See Chapter Thirty-two
Mindfulness Avocado
Mischievousness Spinach
Mistakes Avocado
Moderation Almond
Modesty Banana
Money issues Pineapple
Moodiness Cherry
Morality Blackberry
Narrowness Date Peach
Nastiness Raspberry
Nature, sharing Spinach
Neediness Grape Peach
Negative emotions Grape
Negativity Banana Blackberry Cherry Orange
Nervousness Almond Banana Lettuce Pear
Nightmares Tomato
Non-acceptance Date
Non-commitment Avocado Coconut Grape
Non-possessiveness Grape
Non-reactiveness Banana
Nurturance Grape Peach
Obedience, expecting Grape
Objectivity Banana
Obnoxiousness Pineapple
Observance, quality of Banana
Obsessiveness Fig
Obstinacy Banana
Open-mindedness Date Fig
Openness Avocado Tomato
Opinionated Banana
Optimism Blackberry Cherry
Organization Avocado
Orneriness Cherry
"Out of sorts" Pear
Outrageousness Blackberry Pineapple
Outspokenness Pineapple
Overbearing Grape Pineapple
Overburden Spinach
Over-concern Apple
Over-conscientiousness Strawberry
Over-extending Fig
Overindulgence Almond
Overly-serious Fig Spinach
Over-reactiveness Raspberry
Oversensitivity Strawberry
Overwhelm Avocado Spinach
Nature, attunement with Spinach
Pain Orange
Paranoia Spinach
Past issues Avocado
Patience Coconut Grape Lettuce
Peace Banana Grape Pear
Peacemaker Pear
Peace of mind Pear
Perfectionism Fig
Perseverance Coconut Orange
Perspective, loss of Banana
Pessimism Blackberry Cherry
Pioneering spirit Corn
Playfulness Spinach
Pliancy Fig
Playfulness Spinach
Poise Strawberry
Positivity Cherry
Possessiveness Grape
Potential Coconut
Poverty consciousness Pineapple
Power Pineapple
Practicality Strawberry
Prejudice Date Fig
Present, living fully in Avocado Corn Pear
Pride Banana Pineapple Strawberry
Problem-oriented Coconut
Procrastination Coconut Corn
Projects Avocado
Proportion, sense of Pear
Psychic oversensitivity Strawberry
Psychic protection Tomato
"Psychicsponge" Strawberry
Psychosomatic illness Apple
Public, dealing with Date
Purification Blackberry
Purity Blackberry Grape Peach Spinach
Purpose Avocado
Purposelessness Avocado
Pushiness Grape Pineapple
Quarrelsomeness Banana Pear
Quiet Almond Banana Lettuce Strawberry
Quitter’s attitude Tomato
Rationalization Corn
Reactiveness Banana
Readiness Avocado Coconut Tomato
Realism Coconut
Rebelliousness Almond
Recognition, need for Banana
Receptivity Date
Reconciliation Pear
Regality Strawberry
Regretfulness Avocado
Relationships Almond Grape Lettuce
  Pear Strawberry
Relaxation Fig
Release Raspberry
Reliability Strawberry
Remembrance Avocado
Repetitiveness Lettuce
Repression Lettuce
Resentment Raspberry
Resignation Orange
Resilience Orange
Respect Grape Spinach Strawberry
Responsibility Date Raspberry Strawberry
Responsiveness Corn
Restlessness Almond Lettuce
Reverence Orange
Rhythm, sense of Pear
Rigidity Fig
Rudeness Peach
Sadness Cherry
Sarcasm Blackberry
Satisfaction Spinach
Scatteredness Lettuce
Security Peach
Self-acceptance Fig
Self-assuredness Pineapple
Self-blame Blackberry Strawberry
Self-care Apple
Self-control Almond
Self-critical Fig
Self-denial Fig
Self-dominating Fig
Self-honesty Blackberry Tomato
Self-involvement Peach
Selfishness Peach
Selflessness Peach
Self-liberation Fig
Self-limitation Fig
Self-nurturance Date
Self-pity Cherry Orange
Self-respect Strawberry
Self-seeking Peach
Self, sense of Strawberry
Self-study Blackberry
Self-worth Strawberry
Sensitivity Date Peach
Separation Grape
Serenity Orange
Seriousness Fig Spinach
Sexuality Almond Grape
Shakiness Coconut
Sharp thinking Blackberry
Shock Pear
Shrewdness Spinach
Shyness Banana Pineapple Strawberry Tomato
Silence Almond
Simplicity Spinach
Sincerity Blackberry Spinach
Sloppiness Avocado
Sluggishness Corn
Smile Orange
Smothering Peach
Solidity Date Pear Strawberry
Solution-oriented Coconut
Sourness Cherry Date
Spaciness Avocado Strawberry
Spontaneity Cherry
Stability Cherry Pear Tomato
Stage fright Lettuce
Stamina Coconut
Steadfastness Coconut Grape Tomato
Steadiness Coconut Pear
Straightforwardness Blackberry
Strength Apple Banana Coconut
  Date Pear Tomato
Stress Almond Spinach Tomato
Strictness Fig
Struggle Orange
Substance abuse Almond Tomato
"Stuck/’ feeling Corn
Success Lettuce Tomato
Suffering Orange
Supportiveness Peach
Suppression Fig
Surrender Banana
Sweetness Date
Sweets, craving Date
Sympathy Raspberry
Synchronicity Almond
Taciturn Banana
Tactlessness Blackberry Pineapple
Tastes, refined Strawberry
Teasing Grape
Temperamental ism Cherry
Temperance Almond
Tenderness Date
Tension Fig Pear Spinach
Terror Tomato
Thoughts, quality of Apple
Thoughtlessness Peach
Tolerance Fig Lettuce
Touchiness Raspberry
Trauma Pear
Transcendence Grape Orange
Travel Tomato
Troubling experience Pear
Trust Lettuce Spinach
Truthfulness Blackberry
Unaffectedness Cherry
Unambitiousness Avocado
Unappreciativeness Peach
Unassuming nature Strawberry
Unbalance, state of Fig Pear
Uncenteredness Pear Strawberry
Uncleanliness Apple Blackberry
Unconditional love Grape
Undemanding Grape
Understanding Peach Raspberry
Undeservedness Strawberry
Uneasiness Almond
Unemployment Pineapple
Ungroundedness Strawberry
Unhappiness Cherry Pineapple Spinach
Unkindness Blackberry Raspberry
Unpleasantness Date
Unreality Fig
Unresponsiveness Corn
Unsure, of self Strawberry
Unwillingness Coconut Corn
Unworthiness Strawberry
Upliftment Coconut
Uprootedness Strawberry
Upset Banana
Uptight Banana
Vacant-minded Avocado
Vacillation Coconut Lettuce
Vigor Corn
Victory Tomato
Vitality Corn Orange
Vulnerability Apple Grape Pear
Weakness Tomato
Weariness Corn
Welcoming Date
Well-being Almond Apple
Wholeness Apple
Wholesomeness Apple
Willingness Avocado Coconut Corn Pear
Will power Corn Tomato
Wisdom Date Fig Pineapple Raspberry
Withdrawal Tomato
Withdrawn nature Lettuce
Wonderment Spinach
"Workaholic" Almond
Worry Apple Spinach
Woundedness Raspberry
Zeal Corn

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