In celebration of our 30-year anniversary in 2007, we have taken the new name of Spirit-in-Nature Essences, previously called Master’s Flower Essences. This change has received an overwhelmingly positive response. Why the new name? It represents a new cycle, a new energy and a more expansive description of what we’re all about. These essences are about finding the Spirit in Nature-within Mother Nature and within our own nature.

This is a book about becoming the master of your life. Self-mastery is more than a vague goal; it is an attainable state. How? In addition to healthy living, by keeping ourselves in a state of balance through the wise use of flower essences.

Flower essences stimulate our positive, spiritual qualities. They are prepared, simply, by extracting the life force from blossoms through the elements of sunlight and pure spring water. They introduce into our energy fields elevating vibrational examples of different ennobling qualities from the plant kingdom, such as dignity, kindness and unconditional love.

Indeed, we cannot control the events that befall us; but we can control how we choose to respond to them. How will we spend the time allotted to us between the baby rattle and the death rattle? Perhaps you feel your boss has unjustly chastised you. Then your husband, himself overworked, greets your return home from a day at the office with short-tempered words. How will you react? Life’s endless pitch of curve balls is designed, it seems, to throw us off center. Balance, harmony and perfect well-being-these are the qualities to which we consciously aspire. The question is, how do we get there?

It may seem that flower essences are just a little too over-simplified for our complicated lives. How can something so subtle affect our consciousness so deeply? Through the vital force embodied in the essences that very life-stuff of which we are made. If we were to try to revive a dead man with life-sustaining resources such as food, air or water, nothing would happen. But if we administer the life force abundantly present in flower essences to any living thing, watch the results.

Spirit-in-Nature Essences are based on the initial interpretations of the master teacher, Paramhansa Yogananda. Although to my knowledge Yogananda never made flower essences, he did list the psycho-emotional nutrients of the different fruits and vegetables from whose blossoms our essences are extracted, according to the methodology of Dr. Edward Bach. Commissioned by J. Donald Walters-a disciple of Yogananda for over 60 years and my friend and teacher-I developed these Spirit-in- Nature Essences in 1977, the oldest flower essence company outside the United Kingdom.

For over three decades, we have received testimonials and case histories, compiled through research and analysis, from people in the United States and overseas who have been significantly helped by Spirit-in- Nature Essences. Clearly, these infusions have the power to raise the quality of life for all living things-plants, animals, children of all ages and we ourselves as living blossoms.

The Essential Flower Essence Handbook was first published in 1996. Since then, the acclaim for these essences continues to grow, along with a revised definition of the concepts I had developed up to that point- theme and plot applications and a few of the essences themselves. Also, the affirmations in this revised edition have been rewritten by J. Donald Walters, with my deep gratitude.

The concept of theme essences developed in Chapter Eight has also undergone some revisions, a theme essence being our predominant positive quality. Earlier editions of this book state that a theme remains constant throughout our lives. Now it’s described as changeable, since we express different character strengths throughout our lives. This is a truer and more inspirational system to work with.

Lastly, Almond Essence, formerly for self-control and calmness, has the added dimension of moral vigor, for rebounding from setbacks in life. Apple Essence, described earlier for healthfulness, has been expanded to a new definition of peaceful clarity, a quality that supports health on all levels, especially in our attitudes. Also, Orange Essence, previously for joy, is now defined as enthusiasm for life. It’s more accurate to say that joy can only come from within us.

Spirit-in-Nature Essences help us awaken to our highest potential. May this book assist you, and others through you, in attaining that goal