Flower Power from Vegetable Blossoms

By Lila Devi, Founder/Director of Spirit in Nature’s Flower Essences since 1977

(originally appeared in Vibration Magazine: The Journal of Vibrational and Flower Essences, August 2002 issue)

Of the twenty essences that Spirit in Nature’s Flower Essences offer, five are prepared from the blossoms of vegetables: AvocadoTomatoSpinach, and Lettuce. (Note that the essences are capitalized to distinguish them from the food sources.) We also prepare Corn Essence from the tassels of the corn plant. While fresh, organic vegetables supply us with a myriad of vitamins and minerals; in flower essence form they provide an untold wealth of “vibrational nutrients.”

I would like to say a few words about each of these essences and also share an exciting concept, that of the theme essence. This allows practitioners to work more clearly with their clients; it’s a concept that uplifts and inspires. This idea of identifying people according to overriding positive characteristics replace the previously used term, “type remedy,” which pegs an individual based upon predominant negative personality traits. Examples follow for each essence described below.The tiny white avocado blossom, which bears a fruit rich in folklore and nutritional value, produces the “brain food” avocado. Good memory is the key quality for this essence, remind us of the deeper direction of our lives.

On a more mundane level, Avocado Essence is good for studying for upcoming exams and remembering items on our mental shopping list. An Avocado theme individual is one who finds great joy in learning, one who loves discovering how things work. This person is mentally agile and focuses adeptly.

Tomato Essence, also called the “warrior essence,” fortifies us with mental strength and courage and addresses a wide range of fears: from known to unknown origin, from moderate to overwhelming. It helps with fear of flying and overcoming addictions, as well as addictions to unhealthy relationships, commonly termed “codependent.” Tomato theme folks have great courage. They face challenges with openness and a sense of personal empowerment.

Spinach Essence is, simply put, for healing the inner child–or the inner kitten or puppy, if we are talking about cats and dogs–who needs a restored sense of trust and inner nurturing. This is our primary essence for stress, for feeling over-burdened, for taking on too much responsibility and then buckling under the weight. It is a great aid for those who have suffered abuse in their early years, no matter at what age they begin taking the essence. Spinach theme individuals are childlike, straightforward, and trusting. They tend toward being pranksters or simply enjoying a good laugh. Lettuce Essence, from a tiny deep-yellow flower on the bolted plant, much like Spinach, offers a profound sense of calmness. This essence relates strongly to the fifth chakra (a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel of energy”) and therefore strengthens our higher creative nature.

Lettuce Essence helps people to speak their truth with clarity and conviction, cloaked in the quietude of deep inner calmness. Thus, it addresses the opposite: churning emotions (especially anger), restlessness, and lack of concentration. Lettuce theme individuals are somewhat withdrawn with a relaxed but energetic quality. Like a gentle wind, they can be very influential and touch many people with the depth of their ideas and their creativity.

Spirit in Nature’s Corn Essence abounds with the quality of mental vitality, much like each kernel of corn on a ripening stalk represents –according to the Doctrine of Signatures– bursting, fresh ideas, energy, and enthusiasm. It is only partially a joke that this essences helps one with housecleaning, because Corn contributes to the needed zest to tackle chores that generally get put on the shelf of procrastination.

A new school term, a new job, a new home: Corn helps with adjustments to new situations in a most positive way. You can spot a Corn theme individual a mile away. These people move quickly, speak quickly (and sometimes a bit loudly due to possessing bushels of energy) and readily inspire others with a natural enthusiasm.

These definitions provide a mere taste of the beauty and strength of the essences. My book, The Essential Flower Essence Handbook, offers a ten-page chapter on each essences, and approaches these “metaphysical herbs” from many different angles, including text, lists, charts, plus some very creative approaches to flower essences.

The word vegetable is derived from the Middle English, meaning living or growing, and also from Latin, as lively or enlivening. These lexical roots suggest the energy we experience when eating freshly picked garden vegetables, and especially when dosing ourselves with the vitality of flower essences prepared from vegetable blossoms. I encourage you to continue your odyssey of flower essence therapy with confidence and joy.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lila Devi is founder and director of Spirit in Nature’s Flower Essences since 1977, the oldest essence line outside the UK. She is also the author of The Essential Flower Essence Handbook and Flower Essences for Animals.

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