Essence Spectrum Chart

This Essence Spectrum Chart illustrates and interprets the Spirit-in-Nature Essences Spectrum of 20 essences. It offers a philosophical overlay of these essences through tracing the maturing process of the personality. (Note: this is an overview and does not indicate the order in which you should take the essences.)

The Spectrum is divided into halves: 10 essences which are masculine in nature— creating, building, outwardly expressive, and reason-orientedand 10 feminine—yielding, nurturing, inwardly directed, and feeling-oriented.

The Essence Spectrum Chart also contains 4 Quadrants of 5 essences, each representing a different stage of life and season of the year.

  • Quadrant I captures a lighter, softer quality, much like the awakening of living things in springtime.
  • Quadrant II depicts drive, the fire of youth, and the blossoming energy of summer.
  • Quadrant III, symbolizing autumn and middle age, expresses a continuation of the masculine drive to complete tasks, and the harvesting of a deepening maturity and great strength.
  • Quadrant IV of Feminine Essences signifies the return to a gentler nature ripened with wisdom, and completing the cycle of life, much as winter concludes the natural cycle of the seasons.

How to Use This Chart

If, for example, all you knew about Lettuce Essence was that it is placed in Quadrant I and the feminine half of the chart, you would know that Lettuce has a softness and gentleness of the feminine half of the chart and also contains the fresh vibrancy of springtime and childhood in Quadrant I. The Essence Spectrum Chart can also be used to determine which essences you need based on this information.

This chart is color-coded by Quadrants with our Affirmation Deck cards. Use them together for essence selection.