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Home Study Course with certification: Our course includes 3 levels: Level I, Introductory; Level II, Intermediate; and Level III, Practitioner.

This is Level I, Introductory.

This course is an internationally acclaimed study of the art of flower essences, featuring Spirit-in-Nature (formerly Master’s Flower) Essences and is an excellent training for laypeople and practitioners. People worldwide find it an invaluable tool for understanding essences and learning to use them easily and accurately.

You will receive: a lecture CD by Founder Lila Devi, along with a complete folder of informational brochures and leaflets, as well as your course assignments and, upon completion of both steps of essay questions, a certificate for your office or home, full color and frameworthy.

It uses The Essential Flower Essence Handbook as its text (purchased separately); all shipping and handling charges are included in the enrollment fee. You are allowed one year per level, though many students complete a level in two months.

Students who enroll in all three levels at one time receive a 10% discount of $103.50. (read more)

(Extensions are granted upon request if necessary, with a reinstatement fee of $125—please contact us by email for re-enrollment information if you need to re-instate after the allotted year’s time.)