Happy New Year From Lila

Some thoughts from Founder Lila Devi for the New Year and for future blogs.

Jan 18, 2015

LD Teaching RussiansHi, Spirit-in-Nature friends, including those of you who have kept current with the blogs. With a new year comes a new energy. This period of a fresh year in its infancy and filled with well-intentioned resolutions will see some of us manage through all the seasons with those resolutions strengthened.

The year 2014 has seen great expansion for Spirit-in-Nature, even with—or perhaps precisely because of—worsening global crisis and, for some people, immense personal challenges. 2014 saw our 3 new ½ oz sprays for Grape, Pear, Tomato EssencesThe Essential Flower Essence Handbookfirst printed in 1996, celebrated publication in its fifth and sixth languages, Czech and Romanian. Also, greater numbers of students are joining the ranks of enrollment in our 2 Home Study Courses, comprehensive and pets.LD teaching Lastly, spilling into 2015 as early as January, Bradley Banana and The Jolly Good Pirate is due to arrive in Italian, masterfully translated by Sahaja Mascia Ellero.

Hard to believe I’ve been blogging for 8 years now! There’s always more to share, more insights to elucidate, more amazing flower essence responses to comment on, and further expansion of the application of each of these 20 essences that have been my life blood for the past 38 years.

One of my own resolutions is to write, talk, think, dream, and live Spirit-in-Nature Essences in new  ways. Only 20 essences for 38 years? 1. Peach RoseThose figures offer a different kind of challenge: to articulate them on ever-deepening levels. This is my goal and my promise to you. And of course I hope that Spirit-in-Nature Essences will continue to be a part of your journey to perfect well-being.

I know I speak for our staff in saying it’s our joy and honor to continue serving you. Please keep writing and sharing. And if you find Spirit-in-Nature helpful to you, please keep using them.

Have a magical New Year in every moment of 2015.


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