Flower Essences for Children with ADHD

Hi, I have several of the vegetable essences and was wondering if any essence in your collection would work with reducing / eliminating the symptoms of my son’s ADHD.


Hi, Kathy,

And thanks for writing. I’m very sorry to be responding so late. Your letter arrived the day I left for a business trip to Italy and I’ve been slowly but surely recovering from jet lag and getting my feet back on the ground.

First of all, it’s important to clarify that flower essences do not directly treat physical symptoms but rather work directly on the life force.

Also, I’d like to share a personal story with you. At a Halloween party last year, I had the delightful job description of offering “fake” palm readings in a special booth for the children. In preparation, I’d familiarized myself with a basic understanding of the different lines and markings on the hands, and said to one girl as I studied her palm, “Ah, I see by your head line that you have a brilliant mind.” The girl looked at me intently, with great intelligence, and said, “I have ADHD.” “Perhaps,” I replied, “but you do have a brilliant mind.” It’s helpful to keep in mind that these children are indeed very intelligent! And, as the saying goes, that their glass is more than half full rather than half empty.

You mentioned vegetable essences, and we do have 5 in our line of 20 flower essences. Among the vegetable essences, to answer your question, Lettuce Essence can be very helpful as well as Spinach Essence, the first for calmness and working to bring scattered energy to a place of center and focus, and Spinach, for the simplicity associated with childhood and that carefree state where the mind is more at rest.

It’s helpful, according to our research to take flower essence singly, for 2 weeks each instead of in a combination formula, for better and quicker results in most cases. Also, Almond Essence is very good for helping to moderate one’s energies, and Pear Essence is an excellent “first essence.” It has a peace-of-mind quality that can also help to sensitize your child to other essences in his flower essence program, much like settling the sediment in a pond to highlight the clarity and brilliance of the waters. (Please see our new Free Consultation page where Pear Essence is the suggested as the first essence in the program.)

So I hope this is helpful, Kathy.

If this is your child we’re talking about, please give him my best, and let me know how it goes. And of course the first photo of the little guy at the computer is rather young for the subject matter of this post—but his brilliance, and levity, really shine through!

In perfect well-being,
SiNE Founder

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