Help your customers find their perfect well-being, with these quick-acting, inexpensive, completely safe herbal remedies. Spirit-in-Nature Essences stimulate our positive qualities. The oldest flower essences in the US and outside the UK (where essences first began) were founded by Lila Devi. Prepared from fruit and vegetable blossoms, these 20 herbal infusions are based on over 45 years of case studies, research, and direct testimonials worldwide.

We stand behind our reputation and our quality service to you and your customers, since 1977.

Master Kit N.A. / 12.95 bottles 197.95/wood rack $15.00
– 1⁄2-oz. bottle 12.95 4.95
Chakra Blend Kit (2×7)/Single Bottles Chakra Blend Full Set/7 N.A. /14.95 bottles 104.65 80.50/5.75/wood rack $9.00 40.25
Pear Spray (for People) 1oz 16.95 6.55
Pear Spray (for Pets) 1oz 16.95 6.55
Grape, Pear, Tomato Sprays/People 1/2oz 12.95 4.95
Grape, Pear, Tomato Sprays/Pets 1/2 oz 12.95 4.95
The Handbook/softcover 26.95 12.95
I Remember Being Tulip 16.95 7.95
Tommy Tomato – softcover 16.95 7.95
Bianca Blackberry – softcover 16.95 7.95
Bradley Banana Hardcover 21.95 9.29
Bradley Banana Audio CD 9.95 4.19
Flower Essences for Animals/softcover 14.95 7.48
From Bagels to Curry/softcover 17.95 7.54
The Complete Assortment/20 bottles 259.00 99.95
The Complete Designer Assortment 276.95 106.65
The Complete Designer Assortment – Box Only 17.95 8.95
Affirmation Deck 17.95 7.59
Mini-poster/People and Pets 5.95 2.50
Chakra Blend Poster 7.95 3.05
SiNE Tour CD 9.95 4.19
DVD: Video Series 15.95 6.65
Music CD 15.95 6.65
Dosage Labels (currently unavailable) ea. 0.25 ea. 0.10

Our Products

Master Kit

  • 40 1/2 oz./15 ml bottles (2 sets of 20) – cobalt blue Boston Round glass bottles with high-quality glass pipettes, tamper-proof shrink wrap, and attractive 4-color labels with a gold water-color background.
  • 11-1/2 l. x 3-1/2 w. x 9-1/2″ h.

Free literature

  • Free stack of regular and pets brochures, complete with all the information your customers need to “choose and use” our essences. Refilled free of charge by request.
  • Bag-stuffer flyers available free by request and shipped with your order.

The Chakra Blend Full Set/7

A laminated gold textured box (9 x 2 x 4”) stores and protects all 7 of the ½ oz. (15 ml.) Chakra Blend Essences, separated by cardboard dividers. Handy and protective this box keeps the flower essences upright and out of sunlight for their longevity.

Chakra Blend Flower Essence Poster

Our 8-1/2″ x 11” 2-sided, laminated Chakra Blend Poster features a concise description of all 7 Chakra Blend Flower Essences. Each Chakra Blend contains 3 carefully selected flower essences to strengthen and support the key qualities of the corresponding chakra. An added bonus on the back features affirmations for each Chakra Blend to enhance your usage of these flower essences. Use this chart for your own reference as well as for family, friends, and clients; post it on your wall for easy reference.

Free Chakra Blend Literature

  • Free 4″ x 6″ 2-sided on cardstock: a stack of flyers,  complete with basic information about the chakra system as well as a concise explanation of each of the Chakra Blends’ positive qualities and negative indications, refilled free by request.
  • Bag-stuffers available free by request and shipped with your order.

The Essential Flower Essence Handbook

369 pages, trade paperback, 6″ x 9”.

Newly revised and updated, The Essential Flower Essence Handbook features a brand new chapter on the 7 Chakra Blend Flower Essences with the complete “7-Week Chakra Blend Challenge Program!” Used by Doctors Across Borders to train their physicians, it’s also available in 6 languages.

This comprehensive guide to flower essences written by Lila Devi, is considered a forerunner in its field, with a 10-page chapter for each of the 20 flower essences. Also included are a chapter for children and one for pet care. The handy Essence Index at the back is a reliable tool for flower essence selection.

Flower Essence for Animals

Remedies for Helping the Pets You Love – a concise and practical handbook by founder Lila Devi, with unanimous 5-star customer reviews on all major online bookstores, 272 pages, trade paperback, 6”x9”.

I Remember Being Tulip

40 pages, softcover, full color, 8.5×8.5, $16.95, written by Lila Devi, illustrated by Maria Kuchynskaya. 
I Remember Being a Tulip awakens children’s love of nature (though not about flower essences per se) through friendship with a very special tulip. Akin to Akiko Miyakoshi’s award-winning books, it’s the perfect bedtime story. This fanciful tale is not about flower essences per se, but about nature’s majesty and how it reaches out to a child’s imagination. Beloved by adults as well.

Tommy Tomato and the Mighty Storm Dragon

40 pages, softcover, full color, 8.5×8.5, $16.95, written by Lila Devi, illustrated by Tharu.
What can a little boy teach a big dragon? And what happens when you look fear in the face? Tommy’s new friend is a dragon who wants to stomp on all the rooftops in the town when it rains. This story is much like an affirmation repeated before sleep – when the subconscious mind of kids is highly receptive to positive thoughts.

Bianca Blackberry and The Crystal Albatross

40 pages, softcover, full color, 8.5×8.5, by Lila Devi, illustrated by Esther Rai. “Bianca Blackberry tidied her room, she sang with the mop and she danced with the broom. ”This special little girl in a rhymed circular story symbolizes the flower essence quality of purity of thought. Little does she know the adventure that awaits her on the ice skating rink!

Bradley Banana and the Jolly Good Pirate – HARDCOVER

If a flower essence became a child, what would it look like? Bradley Banana! For children 3 years and much older, this delightfully illustrated picture book weaves an enchanting tale around the theme of Spirit-in-Nature’s Banana Essence, for humility rooted in calmness.

Bradley Banana and the Jolly Good Pirate is the first published in a series of 20 children’s picture books from “The Spirit-in-Nature Essences Storybook Collection for Little Blossoms of All Ages.”

Bradley Banana and the Jolly Good Pirate Audio CD

This audio book-companion CD is approximately 17 minutes: perfect for car rides, bedtime, naptime—or anytime! Read by author Lila Devi, this mesmerizing tale will hold your children spellbound and take them on a journey up “The Vanishing Mountain,” where they will meet Captain Clumpalong (voice by Vajra Johnson, theatre graduate of Stanford University, California) and his loyal companion, Penelope Parrot.

From Bagels To Curry

ALSO from Lila Devi: a spiritual memoir (her seventh book, and the first not about flower essences). Here, the founder of Spirit-in-Nature Essences shares a more personal journey with universal undertones – from formal religion to spirituality. Trade paperback, 335 pages, 5″ x 8″.

“From Bagels to Curry is a gem of a book that is destined to help this weird and wonderful world we live in. A story of love and acceptance of others’ faiths and cultures of which there is such a dearth in our society. We need simple stories like this of trust and love between all people worldwide.” — J. Michael Fields, author of Nature Feels and Nature Heals and CEO of Inspirations International

1-oz Pear Spray For People

Pear Spray (for People), 1 oz (30 ml.), our best-selling “Pear for peace” and for emergencies, in an easy-to-use, unscented, shrink-wrapped cobalt blue glass bottle. Spray in mouth, topically, or in water as well as in a room, car, office, etc.

Grape, Pear, Tomato Sprays/People 1/2 oz

Some of our best sellers for you, now in convenient, smaller spray bottles! Grape Spray for love, Pear Spray for peace and emergencies, and Tomato Spray for mental strength and endurance. Take love, peace, and strength with you wherever you go! 

Grape, Pear, Tomato Sprays/Pets 1/2 oz

How to apply? Just a spritz on the fur, feathers, or scales several times a day, or in the water bowl or trough. (Please note: there is no need to force the animal’s mouth open, since topical applications are so effective, and animals often groom the essence off their coats.) Unscented, nontoxic, safe, and simple!

1-oz Pear Spray For Pets

Pear Spray (for Pets), 1 oz (30 ml.), our most widely-used pet essence, with a decorative and gifty tag, tied with a gold string that says “For Pets Too!” For any kind of difficulty or disturbance with your pet, it’s Pear to the rescue! Spray your pet with 1 spritz, 4 times daily, or a carrier, car, kennel, litterbox area, or anywhere tensions manifest in multiple-pet homes or shelters!

The Complete Assortment

1/2 oz. (15 ml.) Stock Concentrate: Our complete line of 20 Spirit in Nature’s Flower Essences, the oldest essence line outside the U.K., in a gold-textured cardboard box ( 4″ h x 6-1/2″ l x 5-1/2″ d) with our full-color logo and a helpful inside-lid grid listing the essence placement–handy for travel and storage!

The Complete Designer Assortment

1/2 oz. (15 ml.) The Designer Complete Assortment of Stock Concentrates: Our complete line of 20 Spirit in Nature’s Flower Essences comes to you in a gold-textured cardboard box (4″ h x 6-1/2″ l x 5-1/2″ d) with a specially designed one-of-a-kind decorative lid (thanks to the “crafty” art work of Lila!) and a helpful inside grid of pastel flower photos that lists the essence placement in the box – much like an assortment of fine chocolates.

IMPORTANT ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS: You’ll see the latest designs here to place your order by name. Please write the names (i.e., “Sunflower Surprise”) of your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd design choices in your order by phone or email – just in case your 1st or 2nd selection is sold before our webmaster has time to remove it from view.

The Complete Designer Assortment - Box Only

The Complete Designer Assortment – BOX ONLY: Build your own full set of the 20 Spirit-in-Nature Essences at your own pace with the Designer Practitioner Kit box of sturdy gold-textured cardboard (4″ h x 6-1/2″ l x 5-1/2″ d) with a uniquely artful and one-of-a-kind lid, cardboard dividers to protect and separate your flower essences, and an inside lid-grid of pastel flower photos to help you find the flower essences you need more quickly. Treat others, or yourself, to this unique one-of-a-kind gift box.

Affirmation Deck

This deck of 20 cards (plus 2 additional instruction cards) in a handsomely designed matte laminate gift box (4″x6″x1-1/4″) includes brilliant blossom and fruit photos with rhythmical affirmations. Display these cards in prominent places in your home or office as “vibrational reminders” of the qualities on which you are focusing; study them in the context of the Essence Spectrum Chart explained in The Essential Flower Essence Handbook; or use them intuitively to design an essence program. Their applications are numerous.


Full-color, 8”x10” on glossy cardstock, suitable for framing in your home or office. This stunning reference chart reflects a compilation of decades of collected flower photos, updated essence definitions, and vivid color and design. It features the Essence Spectrum Chart along with a text explanation. The screened background of lush fruits serves as a visual reminder of “the flower/food connection.” Beautifully rendered by graphic designer Chitra Sudhakaran, this at-a-glance chart brings Spirit-in-Nature Essences to life, enlivening their subtle energies.


Full-color, 8”x10” on glossy cardstock. Although this poster isn’t specifically about essences for animals, it will complement your display rack nicely! This stunning reference chart reflects a compilation of decades of collected flower photos, updated essence definitions, and vivid color and design. Beautifully rendered by graphic designer Chitra Sudhakaran, this at-a-glance chart brings Spirit-in-Nature Essences to life, enlivening their subtle energies for pet owners!

SiNE Tour CD

Take a 59-slide tour of Spirit-in-Nature Essences on your computer. This presentation is a concentrated, concise way to learn about this time-tested essence line, the oldest company outside the U.K. It includes 20 blossom/essence slides, 20 FAQ pages, and other helpful information, with a rich display of photos and graphics. Use it for your personal study, for reference, or for teaching.

Essence Songs

A lively CD featuring compositions by J. Donald Walters and sung by Mr. Walters and the Ananda World Brotherhood Choir. Each song musically and lyrically conveys the message of its corresponding essence. Now you can listen to your “essence song” while taking your essence!

Dosage Labels

Full-color, 1-3/4″x3-3/4″ labels for your practitioner clients or customers who want to prepare Dosage Bottles: perfect for 1-oz. or larger bottles.

Our Terms

First order minimum, $1,000; reorders, $250 minimum.

US orders are sent USPS  with a s/h charge, unless otherwise requested. First orders are prepaid by credit card, PayPal, or check; net 30 terms with credit references for US accounts. Overseas orders are prepaid and shipped USPS, with a s/h charge.

(Note: Purchaser agrees that he/she is not an agent of SiNE, and is solely responsible for all claims made regarding our products.)

Do you have a website? Want to link to us? We have lots of helpful customer information, including a 3-minute video on each of the 20 SiNE, a “My Story” video on our home page, and a private link to a 16-minute sales training video, please request it! Plus, FREE online are our first 2 books: The Essential Flower Essence Handbook and Flower Essences for Animals, as well as free questionnaires and consultations for people and pets.

Our staff here at Spirit-in-Nature Essences always welcomes your inquiries and comments.

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