Marie Sann

I have to say that the information on using flower essences with animals on your site is by far the most comprehensive I’ve seen, so I would certainly consider offering them through my site. I often recommend flower essences to my clients, and I’m very happy to have...

Tanya Roberts

We still thoroughly enjoy using your essences and our shelter animals really appreciate them too. We use them daily for our kennel animals, putting a few drops in the main water and sometimes in buckets. A couple of the volunteers have sent in orders for their own...

Sara Cryer

Our cat Fluffy, on Grape Essence, is now letting my son carry her around the house. I have felt that interaction with animals is good for my son, who was born with a heart defect.

Stephanie Chalmers

People really need something for their pets that they can use to help them get through the crisis of the moment, whether it be behavioral problems or skin diseases. And I’ve seen your flower essences work quickly, which makes them very useful.